Fixing reply on every post button.

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Fixing reply on every post button.

Post by puppycheese on June 23rd 2013, 10:53 pm

I used a tutorial that made it so there would be a reply button for every post and it would open up a quick reply editor when you press it and you could respond to the post like that.

So I have this code from MR.EasyBB And it adds a reply button to each post. is their a way to fix this? 

Here is the code
$(function() {
var items = document.getElementsByClassName('entry-content'), replyDiv;
for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
   replyDiv = document.createElement('div');
   replyDiv.innerHTML = 'Reply';
$('.replyButton').click(function() {
    var reply = document.getElementById('pun-qpost'),seeIf = $(this).parent('.entry-content').children('#pun-qpost'),seeIfcheck = seeIf.css('display');
if(seeIf.length == 1 && seeIfcheck ==="block") {
 document.getElementById("pun-qpost").style.display= 'none';
} else if (seeIfcheck ==="none" && seeIf.length == 1){
      document.getElementById("pun-qpost").style.display= 'block';}else{ $(this).parent().append(reply);
 document.getElementById("pun-qpost").style.display= 'block';

Please help me! I used this and I really liked having it on my forums.

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