Button with drop-down list for the new editor

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Button with drop-down list for the new editor

Post by fascicularia on June 28th 2013, 12:28 pm

Hello everyone,
I am trying to install two buttons with drop-down list on the new editor. A tag for moderation (so invisible for members) and one for my members.
I managed to get by for simple buttons but buttons with drop-down list, I confess to have some difficulties.
Here is the script for a button.


$(' <a class="sceditor-button" unselectable="on" title="Name button"><div unselectable="on" style="background-image:url(Link image)">Name button</div></a>').insertBefore('.sceditor-button-emoticon').click(function(){
$('#text_editor_textarea').sceditor("instance").insertText("[your bbcode]","[/your bbcode]");


Do you have an idea to solve this trouble??
Thanks in advance for the attention you bring to it


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Re: Button with drop-down list for the new editor

Post by Mr.EasyBB on July 12th 2013, 5:01 am

You can view a small tutorial and plugin written by yours truly here http://www.avacweb.com/t1444-easybb-the-sceditor-plugin it offers many things such as

  • Adding Buttons
  • Removing Buttons
  • Removing Groups
  • Removing the WYSIWYG mode
  • Rearranging the button order
  • Assigning ID's to certain buttons
  • DropDown Functionality


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