Modifying a simple code

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Modifying a simple code

Post by D'Leandro™ on July 11th 2013, 8:46 pm

Hi, I wonder if it has to do with this code online to inform only those who are actually online.

He currently shows online any member who has gone through the forum in the last hour, but I would like him to inform users currently online.

<div id="onlineStaff">
<span class="staffname">D'Leandro™</span><br>
<span class="staffname">~Rafael~</span><br>
<span class="staffname">Bookmarlucas654</span><br>
<span class="staffname">iTzDaemonTools</span><br>
jQuery(function() {
  var x = jQuery('.module', document.getElementById('right'))[1].innerHTML;
  var y = jQuery('.staffname', document.getElementById('onlineStaff'));
  for (var i=0, l = y.length; i<l; i++) {
    if (x.indexOf(y[i].innerHTML) > 0) {
      y[i].innerHTML+=" - Online";
   else { y[i].innerHTML+=" - Offline"; }

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Re: Modifying a simple code

Post by SLGray on July 11th 2013, 9:35 pm

 Please change the topic's title into English.

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