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Post by SummerRed on August 15th 2013, 7:09 pm

Brand new Site! Please check it out if you Love Vampire Diaries!
Welcome to Mystic Falls!

Mystic Falls RPG 0TcLPCz

Choice of Title: Mystic Falls RPG
Choice of Category: Games & RPG Forum
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: This forum was created by Vampire Diaries Fans for other Vampire Diary Fans to Role-Play around the town of Mystic Falls as their own character or a character from the TV Show.

Administrators: Caroline Forbes, OPEN SLOT
Forum Moderators: OPEN SLOTS 0/3 FILLED
Plot Writers: OPEN SLOTS 0/2 FILLED
About Mystic Falls

Here at Mystic Falls RPG we off residents the chance to play as Canon Characters(CC) from the actual TV Show, Residents can also create their own Original Characters(OC) to play as. Residents can play up to three Characters on the forum, one of which can be a Canon Character. New Residents will be able to register on the site and once their account has been approved, they will be required to make a Profile.

These Profiles are your own personal Forums where you can Post Information and Pictures about your Character. If you are playing a Canon Character the Information needs to be realistic to the TV Show Plot. You can create as many threads as you want in this area, The threads can include a Diary, for your Character to record their daily thoughts, and any other threads you can possibly think of including in your Profile.

This forum is brand new and just just getting started and new features are always being added in! Once there are more active members on the site we will begin discussing new things to be added!
Character Creation

Characters can be Canon Characters or Original Characters made up by the new user. Either way you will need to fill out a Character Application before posting anywhere on the Forum. Once you are approved by an Administrator you will be able to post in your Character Profile. After that if finished you may begin Role-Playing where ever you wish.
The Plot

We currently do not have a plot, once we have more members we will begin working on getting a plot written out! If you would like to be a Plot writer please Contact an Administrator to get information about the Job!

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Mystic Falls RPG Empty Re: Mystic Falls RPG

Post by SummerRed on August 21st 2013, 12:45 am

Mystic Falls Sections
» Welcome Center
      » Founders Council
      » Announcements
      » Role-Play Finder
      » Job Board
      » Other Information
» The Character
      » Character Sign Up
             » Accepted Characters
             » Character Graveyard
      » Meet and Greet
      » Character Profiles
             » Your Characters Forum
»Mystic Falls Residential
      » Gilbert House
      » Salvatore Boarding House
      » Lockwood Mansion
      » Forbes House
      » Mikaelson Mansion
      » Mystic Falls Apartments
             » Your Characters Apartment Forum
» Mystic Falls Community
      » Mystic Falls Highschool
             » Classrooms
             » Cafeteria
             » Counseling Office
      » Mystic Grill
      » Town Square
      » Mystic Falls Hospital
      » Mystic Falls Cemetary
      » Fell's Church
      » Vampires Tomb
» Outskirts of Mystic Falls
      » Secret Cave
      » Wickery Bridge
      » The Beach

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The newest registered user is Sabrina Beaumont
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Mystic Falls RPG Empty Re: Mystic Falls RPG

Post by SLGray on March 19th 2019, 6:46 pm

Since the link does not work, this topic will be sent to the garbage.

Mystic Falls RPG Slgray10

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