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Forumotion - Does not care about your rights or your forum. - Cowards!

Post by koimaster on August 29th 2013, 6:23 am

 So why is what is posted about this person Michael Davis of the Invicta Watch Group defamation or harmful. He is a PUBLIC person in everyway. He is on air on a shopping network with 78 claimed viewers. He is the ON AIR technical brand manager for Invicta and has a facebook page which brags about it. And apparently you deleted two (2) entire forums which were full of facts, documentation and more.  I encourage all forums to pack up and move away from forummotions. I would like an exception made for this forum as I have 4 years and thousands of hours and threads. I was lucky and moved my forum but it was not easy. eToxic did everything they could to prevent it. Banning IPs, limiting packet size and more. They may own the hosting service, but the forums and what is on them is yours, remember that.

 I am livid that you would delete an entire sub forum on the truth of a felon and Fake NAVEY SEAL

I have received not one but two letters from lawyers in the last 48 hours who claim to represent this man. Both are demanding I remove him from my forum. It appears that forumotion will just delete the forum rather that defend their members when confronted with litiagation, no matter how false it is.

I have informed my own attorney to prepare legal action to defend the forum from false accusations. I will not bow down to a thug, a felon, a fake SEAL and a liar who goes on air to convince people to purchase over priced garbage, most of it of dubious origins. Forumotion on their own deleted two sub-forums, one about him which had documents and photos of this man in jail, his prison records, his false resumes and more. So that is how I know.
The public has the right to know about a fraud. Many men and women have given their lives to serve their respective countries. This man, who did 5 years in prison for an armed robbery using a weapon and was not a first time offender according to records, has claimed valor and honor he is not worthy of. He has participated is selling watches on cable tv and elsewhere which are not what they are represented to be. On the forum is a post about fake sandstone dials sold by his employer. He participated is selling these as real sandstone and when the facts were made public by us, he threatened legal action. I ignored him, fraud is fraud.

He has claimed to have a degree from the University of Texas which is false. Now he is claiming on Linkind and elsewhere to have a BS degree from Wilminington college, a Quaker run college, and he does not. Those are facts.

Furthermore, I happen to be a French citizen with all of the rights granted to me as a citizen. In fact, I consider the actions by forumotion/eToxic to be no less cowardly than the actions of the Vichy during WWII. You gave up without a fight. Rather than defend free speech you encouraged capitulation. My father fought in WWII to defend your rights to be cowards and my right to free speech.
I wash my hands of you. You are not worth my time.



I wash my hands of you. You are not worth my time.

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