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Resize chatbox? Empty Resize chatbox?

Post by [NH]Shadow on September 9th 2013, 11:44 pm

Is there a way to resize the default forumotion chatbox? It works fine for our PC users, but when our members try to access the chat on a mobile device, they cannot see the bottom of the chatbox (the latest message). While this is not really an urgent question, any help would be appreciated.
Edit: or if someone could get me the source code for the chatbox, i could just create it as a Personal Widget, but with re-sized dimensions. i am trying to find the source code for the Forumotion chatbox...and i think i got it, i will just play around with it though.

Update: i found the source code, resized it, but the problem still cannot be fixed. mobile users still can't see the bottom of the Forumotion chatbox...sorta disappointing.

Update #2: problem solved. thanks for all the help everyone, couldnta done it without yall's guidance. :wouhou:

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