Buying Credits Problem

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In progress Buying Credits Problem

Post by saddevil16 on Fri 15 Nov 2013 - 8:21

Last few days (13/11/2013 Wed 4:59PM) I bought Allopas access code to buy Forumotion Credits,
The amount of RM10 was deducted from my account. The code entered is not valid window appeared and the
access code was received by SMS. 

Here's a little story of what happened:

Here's what I've done, I text "PASS10" to 32298 (maxis) and I received my access code, 
which I should received 200 Credits as PASS5 (RM5) will receive 100 credits.

The text message that I received  with my access code from Allopas proved that
it is possible for me to receive 200 Credits with my RM10 purchase (PASS10) but
then the windows (below) appeared.

Buying Credits Problem Jt4sxrWCeD1dQ
This is the Buy Credit pop-up window of Allopas from the Administration Panel:
Buying Credits Problem JW4FwIuxeBsVO

I have tried to re-enter the code a few times along a few days, and I have contacted the Allopas 
Costumer Service about this problem, and they replied:  

Dear Customer,
This code was generated on 13/11/2013, 09:59:45, on the website .
It is designed to be inserted on the document named  by the webmaster.
Yet, you keyed it on another document, which demands another code.
This is why your code didn't work.
However, your code is still valid.
Please insert it on the relevant document.
For more information, we suggest you to contact this website's webmaster.
We hope to have answered your query,
Best regards,
Allopass Customer Department.
Which is why, now, I contact the forumotion help support. 

Details: Payment using Allopas, Country selected is Malaysia, Premium Text service, Maxis mobile network and topup from Misc>Buy Credits of my Forum Administration Panel.

from my experience, if the SMS code of some service  is TOPUP5 and I send TOPUP10,
the code I enter which I received from the confirmation message is usually valid everytime.
So, if this function is not yet been added into forumotion billing system, I suggest it is added. Very good
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In progress Re: Buying Credits Problem

Post by Shadow on Fri 15 Nov 2013 - 15:16


Could please send me via private message the allopass code you received?
We will manage to solve the problem.

Thank's in advance



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