Music into your life

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Music into your life

Post by levy on December 14th 2013, 8:41 pm

Hello everyone , so I've started a topic for music lovers , and I come with some questions :

1. Are you a very big fan of music?
2. Did you think cuz a day is poor without music?
3. Are you a Deejay or Producer?
4. Did you like the Club remixes?
5. How much time did you spend on clubs?
6. Did you ever was a DJ in a club , and just for a night?
7. What type of music did you enjoy?
8. What type of music did you make.

So , here are my answers.

1. Yes , I'm
2. Hmm, I don't want to know how is a day without music
3. Yes , both.
4. I love them
5. I'm not a very big fan of clubs , like 1 day of week.
6. No , probably soon I will mix.
7. I'm very big fan of house music , electro , dubstep.
8. Like 7 , I have 2 songs , 1 it is electro and 1 it is dubstep ( TKO Remix )

So , I really want to know much about you , about "music" into your life. You can say more about you , this are some questions , you can say what you want. Wink

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Re: Music into your life

Post by Base on December 14th 2013, 9:09 pm

Topic doesn't have anything to do with forums so I will be locking this. Wink

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