How to automatically add a poll to a new topic?

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How to automatically add a poll to a new topic?

Post by bmiles510 on January 26th 2014, 3:41 pm

Alright I tried a bunch of messing around with my code and I just can't figure it out.  Our clans application automatically populates the text area already with a bunch of questions.  I want to take it one step further and make it add a simple two question poll of: 'Would you like to accept this member into the clan?' with options of 'yes' and 'no'.  Thats all.

Here is my current code.  I just want to add something that targets those two text boxes with what I want... But I just can't figure out how to target them.
jQuery(function() {
if (document.location.href.indexOf('/post?f=11&mode=newtopic') > -1) {
jQuery('#text_editor_textarea').text('[b][u]What is your gaming name?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]Which of our clans game(s) are you interested in?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]Have you read our Clan Rules, Guidelines and Etiquette?  Do you agree to them?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]What is your age?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]What Region/Country do you live in?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]How did you hear about Command Center?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]We are a group of friends first, a clan second.  We need to know we can get along with you.  Tell us a little bit about your personality/Sense of humor[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]Why did you choose Command Center over other gaming guilds?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]How much do you plan on using Teamspeak if at all?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]Tell us a little about yourself outside of gaming.  Like what kind of hobbies/work you do etc.[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]Do you plan on frequenting the Command Center forums after your application process has finished?[/u][/b]\n\n[b][u]Our application process will now go on to allow our members to come into your application thread to get to know you.  Use this as a chance to answer their questions and to get to know your future clan members and friends.  Do you have any questions for us?[/u][/b]');

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