Administration Problem, please help?

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In progress Administration Problem, please help?

Post by iAmFlam3ezZ on February 11th 2014, 8:56 pm

Hello, support team, firstly, I'd like to apologize in advance if anything I've mentioned here has already been answered/addressed. 

Approximately not too long ago, one of our administrators (for unknown reasons) decided to delete everything our forum had, including topics, posts, the chatbox, etc. The only thing remaining is the staff chat and the actual page itself.

This screenshot was taken by an Assistant shortly after this problem occured:

I was wondering if there were any administrative reset buttons on the admin panel, or is that exclusively for the site creator? (I'm not the creator, just an admin)

Here is a link to our site:

Also, would you kindly tell me how to IP ban a user? I'm sorry if these questions have already been answered somewhere, I'm just somewhat in a panic. Once again, I apologize if I have missed any important points.

Thanks for all your help. ~VDA Staff.

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In progress Re: Administration Problem, please help?

Post by Stephen- on February 12th 2014, 4:59 am


Try to use the forumotion utilities to backup and restore everything on your forum:

Here's also a tutorial on how it works:
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In progress Re: Administration Problem, please help?

Post by Jophy on February 12th 2014, 11:38 am


For the IP banning:
In your admin panel, in users and groups, in users, you will see the ban control option. In the ban control you can trace IP addresses, ban IP addresses or host names and unban IP addresses and hostnames. By banning an IP address it does not matter if a banned member goes and makes up a bogus email and username, they still wont be able to sign up to your forum if the IP is banned. To find a members IP address you can click the small IP button to the top right of any post they have made.
Be careful however as some IP addresses are shared and by banning one members IP you could unintentionally ban more than just that member. A good way to check is to click the IP button to the top right of a post of the member you want to ban, and check if there is any other users posting from that IP before you ban it.

To ban the IP come back to your admin panel and enter the IP in 'Ban one or more IP addresses or hostnames' field then save.You can also unban the IP if you choose by entering it in the 'Unban one or more IP addresses' field.

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In progress Re: Administration Problem, please help?

Post by Base on February 12th 2014, 2:51 pm


Please note that only the founder, i.e. the person who created the forum, can access the utilities to restore the forum. If you're just an admin and not the person who created the forum then you cannot access the tools required.

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