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Post by Guest on February 12th 2014, 8:49 pm

First topic message reminder :


I propose that we should be able to edit the default gender profile field!  Currently, if you want to use a custom field, you have to use coding to hide the default field completely and then make a new one with the gender profile options that you desire.  However, I think it would far simpler if we did not have to use coding to have this feature, because I believe that it is important to allow more options for gender roles.  

I honestly do not believe that the simple terms of "male" or "female" really relates to every person that joins a forum, these days.  Many are transgendered, have a different gender identity than their biological identity, and other such situations.  I have seen from personal experience how having such limited gender options can really deter members from either joining one's forum or even opening up about themselves on the forum and becoming a bit secluded out of fear of not being accepted into the community due to their "different gender standards."  

Additionally, I have had several members choose a profile gender and then decide they do not wish to have their gender known later--but they cannot change it and go back to not having a gender once it has been selected.  It would also be extremely helpful if we could make it so that they can have that reverted, or instead, have an "unknown gender/undisclosed gender" option.

I think we should be open to all, welcoming to all, and show it proudly!  My forum even has multiple options, which has been welcomed with delight by my members:


PLEASE Note This Part:
**I am not saying that this option is for everyone, but it should be customizable for those that do want this option and those that do not want these additional features should also be able to keep it as "male" and "female" only to suit their preferences as an admin of their own forums.**

What do you think?

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Post by Zeta on April 23rd 2020, 1:47 am

@skouliki wrote:i believe i have seen a code for this addition of a third option to the profile sheet
if you are still interested i can search it
They mention there's a code for it in the main post but one of the big points about the suggestion is not needing a code to alter the gender options in the profile. It should really just be something founders can do by default.

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