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Post by Katnapper on February 22nd 2014, 10:01 pm


The past several days I discovered I cannot log in to the forum (Central Illinois Tropical Aquarium Club) of which I am a member.  I get an error that gives me a link to resolve the issue.  I click on the link and am directed to a page in which I must enter my username and then one of those "picture of letter/number" verification codes.  I do that, but then it gives me this:

Suspicious activity detected on your account
The suspicious activity couldn't be solved automatically by our service, it requires a manual action. To unblock your account, please contact our support team.

Free forum support

I've been researching the problem for a couple of days now and I gather my IP address has been added to blocked lists for spam or whatever nefarious activities (But I'm innocent, I swear!).  I called my ISP and they told me I likely had a virus.  So I've now run several scanner/cleaner programs;  Malwarebytes listed a few "pup" files, and Sophos virus/rootkit scan showed "Mal~JNLP-A," all of which are now cleaned.  Kaspersky's TDSSKiller showed nothing found.  But I am still getting the error and cannot log in to the fish forum.  

Besides the fish forum there are a couple of websites I cannot access now too and get a similar message indicating my IP address is flagged or blocked due to spamming or such.  Here is one such message:


You are receiving this error message because your ip ( is listed in the database.
You can check the status of your IP and have it removed by visiting http://www.stopforu

But besides these few sites, all appears to be fine and normal.  And my IP address is still listed on several other databases or blacklists at  Do I need to go to each individual place and request removal and resolution?

All my virus and malware scans turn up nothing further and I either don't know how, or can't seem to be able to resolve this problem on my own.  I've never dealt with anything like this before and am at a loss.  Can you please help or at least give me an idea of where to go from here?  And if possible, maybe some info about how or why my IP address got into this situation and how to prevent it from happening again, if I ever get this mess sorted out.  Thank you.


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Spam I am.... Not Empty Re: Spam I am.... Not

Post by SLGray on February 23rd 2014, 12:44 am

Spam I am.... Not Slgray10

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