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¤¤Flash games on your board¤¤

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Tutorial ¤¤Flash games on your board¤¤

Post by larme d'ange December 19th 2005, 4:50 pm

¤¤Flash games on your board¤¤

Can I put flash games on my board ?

Yes, this is possible, but if you take it from the web, you'll have to ask for permission to the creator of the site where the games are from, to be able to put them on your board.
If it's a webmaster self-service who propose "the flash game of the day" or of the week, you won't have to follow this step.

Where can I put some ?

The flash games can be inserted on the portal, homepage, or on a forum description. Make sure that onece on the edition, you click on the <> button in the top right of the text field to pass in HTML mode.

But how should I do ?

You can insert a flash game by a link to the game adress, you just have to copy this code by replacing with the information that you have:

<a href="GAME ADRESS">Clique here to play</a>

Or else, you can redirect to the game by clicking on an image, for this, just copy this code:

<a href="GAME ADRESS"><img src="IMAGE GAME ADRESS"></a>

Where could I find some ?

Here are a few addresses of site where we can find flash games, but be careful, it is recommended to ask for permission before you put them on your board, for this, try to contact the site's creator or webmaster as I told above:

Written by super J (J Man)

that's all folks

larme d'ange
larme d'ange

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Tutorial Re: ¤¤Flash games on your board¤¤

Post by skouliki February 13th 2020, 7:57 am

This code was updated to fit in with the new HTTPS address

updated 13.02.2020 by skouliki

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Tutorial Re: ¤¤Flash games on your board¤¤

Post by Ape November 19th 2021, 12:16 pm

No longer works

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