Trying to replicate something I found

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In progress Trying to replicate something I found

Post by Mamoru on March 3rd 2014, 1:32 pm


I believe this to be a more involved question than I first am guessing. Perhaps Javascript or something super heavy, but I have hope its just a simple CSS/creation style... 

Well, jumping in

I visited a lovely french forum, and saw how they did a roll over text on an image, with a nifty greyed box background. (Is the site, just roll over any of the images to see what I'm after)

I was wondering 2/3 things. 

1. How can I create something similar to this?

2. What specific forum version is require if any?

3. Is it as involved as deep as my fears? (Javascript etc etc)

Thank you for any guidence you can give.

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In progress Re: Trying to replicate something I found

Post by Ange Tuteur on March 3rd 2014, 1:38 pm

Hello Mamoru,

We had someone ask a similar question before, luckily the code is still embedded in my test forum.

Add this to a description of a forum for an effect similar to that you wanted :
<style>.catgdescback1 {
.catgdesctext1 {
.catgdesctext1:hover { opacity:0.8; }</style>
<div class="catgdescback1">
<div class="catgdesctext1">
 <span class="catgtext1">This is text This is text This is text This is text This is text This is text This is text </span>

The CSS can be put in you stylesheet if you wish (it is above catgdescback)
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