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Post by Yarraran on March 16th 2014, 1:18 am

Hi - I am VERY new to this forum so if I inadvertently cross over a subject already addressed please excuse! I have been through the messages but can't find anything that quite matches my query.

When a new members seek to Register on our Board we ask them to complete the application fields including their Name and Address which we use to cross check against paper records to verify their right to join as a member of our Club however when the application is e-viewed by the Forum Administrator (Me) the information can't be seen and in fact all we can see is the User Name selected and their Email Address. Its been fortunate up to now that we have been able to identify the Applicant by their Email address but as new members come on board this is eventually going to be far less accurate as the Paper Roll gets out dated.

It there any way to allow the Board Admin to see these fields? phpBB does not seem to want to know as they say Forumotion is using a modified version of the phpBB Software.

Any assistance appreciated.

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In progress Re: Administration Panel

Post by masesm on March 16th 2014, 6:09 am

First do this:
Admin Panel > Home > Click on "Advanced Mode"

Then do back to:
Admin Panel > Users and Groups > Search Users.

Bam. You have a list of ALL your members and their info by clicking on them. You could also refine the search and the member list based on features such as User ID or the date they joined.
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