Activate the rolls of dices

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Activate the rolls of dices

Post by Michael_vx on March 25th 2014, 2:49 am

Creation Type: dice for the forum dice mode
Size (In Pixels):i don`t know just good size to be used for the dice in forum
Primary Colors:blue
Secondary Colors:blue or white i guess
Images to include:
Text to Insert:nothing
Font (Provide Download Link):nothing
Font ColorShit text are needed
Link to My Forumotion Forum: not English forum
Username on Your Forum:Michael
Link to your Last Graphics Request:
Detailed Description:i need the 6 sides of that dice i have linked here with looks like the linked image for Activate the rolls of dices that is all thanks

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Re: Activate the rolls of dices

Post by Guest on April 15th 2014, 7:52 am


   The request you have created has passed 10 days without any reply or update, so I will move your request and this topic will be locked.  If your request is still needed, you can open a new topic.  

           Leah7, Graphics Designer

Please read the section rules:  Graphic Design Section Rules


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