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In progress Colors for categories and forums

Post by vaccam on March 25th 2014, 8:39 pm

Hello guys and girls.

So my question today issss.

I want to add some colors to the categories and forums.

And i noticed one glitch on my forum that i really dont like and i have no idea how to remove it. The black box, i have two lines that tell me about the topics, i want to remove the blue one.

My forum url -->
My forum version --> punBB

Thanks guys i hope i made my self clear enough Razz


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In progress Re: Colors for categories and forums

Post by Ange Tuteur on March 25th 2014, 10:33 pm

You should be able to change the header color with this CSS :
Administration panel > Display > Colors > CSS stylesheet
.main-head { background:#257 !important; }

For the footer :
Display > templates > general > topics_list_box

Find and remove :
<div class="main-foot clearfix">
 <!-- BEGIN multi_selection -->
 <input onclick="check_uncheck_all_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}();" type="checkbox" name="all_mark_{topics_list_box.row.header_table.BOX_ID}" value="0" />
 <!-- END multi_selection -->
 <p class="h2">{L_TOPICS} [{topics_list_box.row.bottom.COUNT_TOTAL_TOPICS}]</p>
 <p class="options">
 <a href="{U_MARK_READ}">{L_MARK_TOPICS_READ}</a> {S_WATCH_FORUM} <a href="#top">{L_BACK_TO_TOP}</a>

Save and publish.
Ange Tuteur

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