Absolve and Burn

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Absolve and Burn

Post by opheliasyndrome on April 7th 2014, 7:45 pm

You must include these following points in your introduction:

  1. Games and RPG

  2. Choice of a title: Absolve and Burn
  3. Forum address: http://absolveandburn.forumotion.com

  4. Main language: English

  5. Forum description: 

It is here you'll find a Catholic co-ed university on the outskirts of Amsterdam in Europe. Not too far away is a club that goes against everything the school teaches... and yet, so many find themselves there. Are you on the search for hedonistic enlightenment or are you just curious? Or perhaps you've been tricked there or are rebelling... Whatever it may be, Club Absolution can help you find your purpose... if not more while St. Michael's Catholic University teaches light and faith, a life of absolution will lead to a hereafter without burning but... Club Absolution ironically resolves more absolution than the college does....   Do you dare to Absolve and Burn? Do you dare to enter the four story club? Do you dare to face down fantasies even YOU didn't know you had? Are you ready to sin?
Are you ready to go to Hell?

[Here is an open world any nationality, any gender based RP.]
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