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Rulers of Eon

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Rulers of Eon Empty Rulers of Eon

Post by Customkid2 June 3rd 2014, 6:09 pm

Choice of Category: Games & RPG
Choice of title: Rulers of Eon
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Main Language: English
Forum Description: Join the multiverse of Eon. It contains any anime you can think of, all you have to do is reproduce the world's able build you character with it. Roleplay with fellow members to create your own story. Talk with other members in the chatbox about the latest anime and manga installments. This is your anime/manga HQ

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Rulers of Eon Empty Re: Rulers of Eon

Post by VixenVindictive June 9th 2014, 10:58 am

Just a side note to this. I help run this site with my friend and I know it might seem a little...crazy our idea. Obviously we don't know all the animes or mangas out there but that's why we look to our users (which are so few right now) for help. They might know of one that we don't and can let us know about it and we might add it to our list of worlds or whatever he's calling them. We aren't exactly looking for fighting roleplays, this has been pointed out, because obviously, different anime/manga has different power systems. DBZ its Chi, Naruto is Chalkra, etc. But it is possible. What we are hoping for this site is for people who can't find others interested in the same animes or mangas to find those people here and make friends. Anyway I've rambled long enough. Come join us. You never know. You might like it.
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