Chatbox auto-kicks (logs out) user

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Solved Chatbox auto-kicks (logs out) user

Post by Legendarystory on June 26th 2014, 10:53 pm

Hello, I an Admin on

One of our users is autokicked from the Chatbox. What do I mean?

When they log into the chat, there's about a 1-2 second delay before they are logged out of the chat box. Most of the time it appears to be a 2 second delay, but I have seen some 1-second delays, so it's probably something more like 1.5 seconds. Anyway, I have tried validating the chatbox again (I had an issue this morning that, after validating the chatbox again through the admin panel, fixed my problem. It wasn't loading on my computer.) and I even tried banning and unbanning the member to see if that would work. 

I'm not entirely sure if this problem is something that is through Forumotion, or if it is this users computer or connection. The first thing that came to mind is that, though they may be clicking once, the computer is sending two signals. But, I don't think something like 1.5 second delay between signals would happen, if anything it'd be the same second, near instantaneous. Then of course, maybe they're just clicking twice too many times, but with the consistency of the log out times, those 2 seconds, that's too consistent for a human operator error. 

TL:DR - User logs out after 2 seconds of joining chat, not of their own volition, how can I fix this? If it's something I can do.

[13:34:46] The Doctor joined the chat on Thu 26 Jun - 13:34:46
[13:34:48] The Doctor has logged off the chat on Thu 26 Jun - 13:34:48
[13:34:58] The Doctor joined the chat on Thu 26 Jun - 13:34:58
[13:35:00] The Doctor has logged off the chat on Thu 26 Jun - 13:35:00
[13:35:01] The Doctor joined the chat on Thu 26 Jun - 13:35:01
[13:35:03] The Doctor has logged off the chat on Thu 26 Jun - 13:35:03

Edit: Well, they didn't go in to clear their cache, but, somehow, whatever the problem was, was fixed.

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Solved Re: Chatbox auto-kicks (logs out) user

Post by SLGray on June 26th 2014, 10:57 pm

Ask the member to clear is browser's cache.

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