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Post by RedRad on July 16th 2014, 3:38 pm

Choice of the category: Miscellaneous

Choice of a title: Fan Homestuck Forum

Forum address:

Main language: English

Forum description: The forum icons and categories symbols are custom made by me, in the theme of homestuck pesterchum mood icons. As well as the site's logo. The theme of the forum is using the skin of Prosilver LightGreen. I've also changed to colors to suit the the more night viewers. To ensure that the whiteness does not hurt the common eye. The forum all together is just for general roleplay for those who fancy homestuck within a fan flip side to it. Rather than it having strict canon characters and lore in general. It does not run off an approval system however, as I'm aiming for it to be more flexible and unhinged, for those who like to make up stuff or the love to just write.

A little bit a history here:
FHS-RP was once made a year ago, under a watchful eye of a 'private' status from me and my friends only. To which when I saw the soul purpose of the forum being rectify in a slow hushed way. I decided to pull the plug at the end of last year, due too some issues. Needless to say. The last one was a slight copy of another forum. But in the coming months, I knew by then it was a bad idea to have done so. In a year long wait. I decided to reopen it as of now, with it being more apparent 'sister' forum from its previous forum's predecessor. With it having major changes and more guest friendly insights. Rather it being what it was once before 'private'.


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