Directing to last post - safari issues

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Directing to last post - safari issues

Post by troyeccles on August 19th 2014, 4:30 pm


This has been a problem that has just occurred in the last couple of hours. As appears safari related. 

Normally when I submit a post, the page reloads and directs me to that last post. Today though, after I submit a post, it refreshes the page but takes me to the top of the page each time. I have to scroll down to the post I just submitted. 

What's gone wrong? 

I've cleared the forum cookies and have cleared the cache and cookies on the machine (in this case safari on an ipad). A fellow member has said it's always been this way for him on his ipad and he finds it annoying.  

I've tested this issue on a phone running Android and there's no issue. Tested on a laptop using Firefox and there's no issue. However, the laptop with safari has displays the page from the top rather than jumping to the most recent post that I've just submitted. 

It just seems a problem all of a sudden with any device running safari. 

Site is

Any help most gratefully received. 

Thank you.


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