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GFX request

Post by Swagbito on August 24th 2014, 1:57 pm

<p>Note: I know this is supposed to be at GFX request but it won't let me post there.&nbsp;</p><p>Ignore the random p's</p><p><br></p><p>Creation Type: Ranks</p><p>Size (In Pixels): Not to big</p><p>Primary Colors: Below</p><p>Secondary Colors: Below</p><p>Images to include: Make it exactly this but with different text</p><p>Text to Insert : Academy Student, Genin, Shinigami, Jounin, Deathnote weirder,Anbu Captain, Super Saiyan, Soul Guardian, Division Captain, Pirate King, Soul Master, To damn high</p><p>Font (Provide Download Link): In image</p><p>Font Color: in image</p><p>Link to My Forumotion Forum:;</p><p>Name on forum: SwagbitoUchiha</p><p>Link to your Last Graphics Request: N/A</p><p>Proof of Forum ownership screen shot:</p><p>Detail description for your graphics request: Basically just change the text.&nbsp;<span id="sceditor-end-marker" style="line-height: 0; display: none; " class="sceditor-selection sceditor-ignore"></span><span id="sceditor-start-marker" style="line-height: 0; display: none; " class="sceditor-selection sceditor-ignore"></span></p><p><br></p><br><br>

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Re: GFX request

Post by Derri on August 24th 2014, 2:02 pm

Please make all requests here:

Thread Locked.

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