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Rank request

Post by Swagbito on August 25th 2014, 12:04 am

Creation Type:Ranks
Size (In Pixels):In image
Primary Colors:In image
Secondary Colors:In image
Images to include:http://www.thomasbenacci.co.uk/files/Electric_Forum_Ranks_owner.gif
Text to Insert: Student, Genin, Shinigami, D. Note, Anbu, Jonin, P. King, S.Guardian, S. Master,To Damn High, DC, Saiyan
Font (Provide Download Link): In image
Font Color: In image
Link to My Forumotion Forum: http://jump.forumotion.com/
Username on Your Forum: SwagbitoUchiha
Link to your Last Graphics Request: N/A
Detailed Description:Basically change the text.

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Re: Rank request

Post by Guest on August 25th 2014, 12:23 am

You have a previous graphics request here:  

Next time, please link to your previous request when you have one or your request will be declined.  
Thank you!

Creator made a new thread, so this one is garbaged.


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