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Creating an HTML page

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html page - Creating an HTML page Empty Creating an HTML page

Post by Shadow March 7th 2008, 10:20 am

Creating an HTML page

Forumotion has the feature to enable you to make pure HTML pages, either using your headers and footers of your forum, or without. It helps to have a basic knowledge of HTML but there are also some sites that can make life easier.

What can i use html pages for?

Depending on your skill, you can create almost anything with it. Some ideas are in tricks and tutorials, such as a flash arcade, or a form. Anything that has HTML coding can be added to your HTML page. On my site, i use HTML pages to have articles of interest on, for my members, a rich HTML newsletter with its own html template giving it a much nicer, professional look, blinkie pages for members to snag them off, due date calculator and much more. I would be here all day telling you of all the things you could use HTML pages for! The best thing to do is to experiment, don't be afraid to try and to ask for help!

How do i create a page then?

Load up your admin panel, go to Modules and then HTML. You will see either pages that you have already made or just the button to click, called 'create an HTML page'.

In 'create and HTML page' you will see you need to title your page. This should relate to the page content, so if your page is a newsletter, call the title: newsletter. You can then also select yes or no to use your forums header and footer, set it to yes and click the preview button at the bottom of the page. You will see your logo and nav menu are there, as well as the footer of your forum. Set it to no and preview it. You will see a blank white page.

Okay so i have created a page, what now?

If you don't want to use your headers, say because you have your own html template with its own theme, you need to make a full html page. This looks like the following and would go in the box underneath the HTML page title and option to choose to use headers and footers:

<head><title>YOUR PAGE TITLE</title>

That is VERY basic, you can add many things to the above, such as css html.

If you have used your headers and footers, the box below that opinion is your content box. Add your HTML coding to it. You can preview at any time to see how it is looking.

You mentioned some helpful sites?

Below are some sites that either offer HTML help, or various HTML templates you would use without your own headers and footers. - Free HTML templates for newsletters, or homepages or announcements. - basic HTML codes and page includes link to HTML colour codes. - A large list of how to do many things using HTML - convert text to HTML format


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