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Pokémon Battle Academy

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Pokémon Battle Academy Empty Pokémon Battle Academy

Post by Jaysonbird August 30th 2014, 6:26 pm

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Forum Description: It was never truly documented when humans populated Dacaer archipelago. It was thought to be the time when the Unova region was settled, when the people of Sinnoh were discovered by the people of Kanto. When the large vessels of Vermillion City sailed off to colonize regions, small ships left in the opposite direction to colonize islands. The tropics of Dacaer were discovered some time in the winter months according to some, and yet it was warm. This place, it was paradise. For the first time to humans, it was home.

It would be two more decades until Dacaer got its recognition, when a famous writer told of its beauty. He explained the sandy beaches of Lua Island, the volcanos and clay of Venn Island, the mysterious jungle of the Living Ait, and the snowy drifts of the Unos Refuge. He described it as being alike no other place on Earth, unique in form and blessed by Arceus. The phenomena surrounding it weren't scientific. They were divine. The writing was published, and the people came. They never stopped, and it became the most famous tourist attraction on Earth. 

The village of Azula became a town, and the town of Azula became a city. Captivated by its tourism and its scenery, the Pokémon League had a stadium built on an island near Azula. One of the biggest complexes in the world, the people flocked. But they needed more. The complex wasn't getting a steady use, and they were losing money in keeping it up. Competitive Pokémon trainers were declining, as casual trainers stuck to the serenity of life and settled down without pursuing it further. The Pokémon League needed to capitalize off of the stadium complex, and the tourism of beautiful Dacaer. 

A year after the complex became open, development started for a new project: the first ever PL approved Pokémon Battle Academy. Funded by many patrons, including Lance the Dragon Master himself, the school was built for one goal: To raise trainers under the seal of the Pokémon League. With the wide expanse of Pokémon in the archipelago, and the attractive areas to explore, young wannabe trainers flocked to the school with their applications. The opening semester is now nearing its beginning, and you have been accepted into the school. Will you become the ultimate trainer, or fail trying? Explore the many areas of the Dacaer archipelago, catch a wide assortment of Pokémon, and battle others with a complex battle system. Roleplay with other trainers in classes and personal topics, and participate in events and rare Pokémon sightings.
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