UserName Already Taken

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UserName Already Taken

Post by mathewhamel17 on October 10th 2014, 4:24 am

Hello there, I just started a new Forum,

Whenever someone tries to register for it,

It says Username Already Taken 

Problem is, I'm the only person on the entire forum,

And the names are not the same.

Any idea what the issue is ? Please help,

As this forum is useless to me with only Myself on it. XD

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Re: UserName Already Taken

Post by Guest on October 10th 2014, 4:29 am

Hey mathewhamel17,
This is a very common issue for new Forumotion users. This is a quick and simple fix. To do this, just do the following steps.

Access ACP > General Tab > Forum > Security > Security Administration
> Find "Unauthorized subscriptions made with the most commonly used spam usernames."
> Set this to "NO"
> Click Save!

This should solve the problem and allow any new members to use the name they want unless another member already has that name taken.



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