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Post by Chickin on August 20th 2014, 7:05 pm

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Hey Im the Admin for a Christian Gaming Clan. We have been using Facebook as our Clan home but as we have grown we needed a bigger place. any of y'all with a family know what i mean. I had used Forumotion once in the way-back days. So here i am again and boy has this place changed. I Hope i can remember all the tricks i used before but if not i hope y'all can help me on my way thanks in advance to any who help me and see y'all on the flip side
ps My Name is Scott but please call me Chickin :wouhou:

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Post by Guest on February 6th 2016, 3:44 pm

Hello Everyone, I am an admin for a new Naruto RPG forum. It seeks to be story-driven, as well as a fusion between a standard forum rpg and various flavors of D&D to make a unique experience. I have been apart of various forums, even was a member on several of their mod staff (all the forums i was mods on unfortunately were deactivated due to inactivity.)

My first attempt at a forum didn't go to well, as I was distracted by school and unable to work on it. This time around I want to make a thriving community where people can create their own personal stories.


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