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Naruto: New Era

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Naruto: New Era Empty Naruto: New Era

Post by LostLegend December 11th 2014, 4:49 pm

Choice of Category: Games and RPG
Choice of Title: Naruto: New Era
Forum Address:
Main Language: English
Forum Description: A roleplaying forum based around Naruto's New Era! This forum aims to prioritize character interactions and allows friends and enemies to be formed on a per-character basis. The forum's staff doesn't control the story: you do.

The combat system is unique, focusing mainly on tactics rather than sheer power. 

As well as this, the forum aims to run events and missions to pose a threat to the Ninja World, and to see what certain characters would do, given the opportunities to save their friends and best their enemies.

For updates, either check our Forum or Twitter, the latter of which is:

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Naruto: New Era Empty Re: Naruto: New Era

Post by SLGray March 25th 2019, 12:41 am

Since a different forum loads, this topic will be sent to the garbage.

Naruto: New Era Slgray10

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