Adminstrators are inactive and we need new mods

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In progress Adminstrators are inactive and we need new mods

Post by Eluzibeth on January 2nd 2015, 11:45 pm


It may be weird, but this isn't about my own Forum, but a Forum I care about a lot and on which I'm a moderator(my username is LuziMiazawa), but some problems occured:

1) The one who created the Forum was the only one to call out Adminstrators, but he disappeared one day. No one was able to contact him and our second Adminstrator left as well and we had only one left after some time, but... He left too and isn't responding to messages.
2) I'm the only active moderator on the Forum, because no other moderator can be announced anymore as I don't have the power to do so.
3) As said in point 1, the last adminstrator stopped responding to any messages and haven't come online for quiet some time. Well, he logged into the Forum on the 21st December 2014, but that's about it and I'm practically all alone and he's not responding to my messages on a messenger either.

My actual question is:

Is there any way for Forumotion the adminstrator ship? Because if it's possible, I'd be willing to take the spot as a admin to be able to announce new moderators, because that's what the Forum is really lacking. All other mods&admins quitted the game to which the Forum is related to.

So yeah. That's actually all.



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In progress Re: Adminstrators are inactive and we need new mods

Post by Base on January 3rd 2015, 12:29 am


If you are looking to obtain the founder's account, please read this topic for further help:

There are certain requirements that the forum must satisfy in order for this to happen.

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