Dice Rolled showing the "Creator" Rolled the Dice

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Re: Dice Rolled showing the "Creator" Rolled the Dice

Post by Mad Scientist on January 11th 2015, 4:23 pm

There are two options you have to make that thing better.

1. Go to Admin Panel -> Modules -> Roleplay Game -> Fields Management and change the field 'User "Game Master" :' from your own username to some other one. I suggest you to make a new member and assign it there to be your game master. Make it some sort of bot or something like that. You can make its name appealing or change its avatar to some dice or so to look more like a bot for dice rolling.

2. If you don't like that approach and don't want an additional post from game master every time someone rolls a dice, there is a way to embed dice rolling within the post by enabling dice roll bbcode:

Go to Admin Panel -> Modules -> Roleplay Game -> Dices Roll and put the field 'Activate [roll] bbcode for the dice roll' as YES. Now when you go to post reply (full reply), there will be this button with 3 dots called "More", click it and it will display some additional bbcodes and there will be a dice icon there. It will roll within a quote box inside your post. This won't create additional post from game master.

Hope this suits your needs.
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