Twitter and Facebook widgets on your forum

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Tutorial Twitter and Facebook widgets on your forum

Post by Shadow on January 28th 2015, 3:14 pm

Twitter and Facebook widgets on your forum

Hi Dear Members,

This tutorial will help you to add Twitter and Facebook news feeds on your forum.

Create a Twitter widget

This widget is very easy and fast to setup. First, enter your Twitter account. Then, click on the "settings option" on your profile and select the widgets button:

  • Click on "create a widget"

  • Select "user timeline"

Add the name of the user/service you want to receive Twitter news. Here, we're going to select Forumotion News. Don't forget to validate the widget Wink

  • HTML code

Then, you'll get a HTML code. Copy and paste the code on your forum.

For example, you can display the Twitter widget on:
- The home page,
- Templates
- HTML pages
- Portal
- Widget
- ...

Create a Facebook widget

  • Developers tool

Go to this page: in order to create your Facebook widget Smile

Enter your Facebook page address and select the option: "Show posts"
Setup the other options as you prefer:

Then, get a code by clicking on "Get a code"

A popup will appear with 2 codes:

  • Go to your forum:

The first code must be added into the Javascript management section via your administrative panel.
Only the part between the tag <script>...</script> is to be used:

The second code can be added where you want and same for the Twitter widget Smile


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