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Categories not showing -- help

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Categories not showing -- help Empty Categories not showing -- help

Post by Cheese March 14th 2008, 3:43 pm

I added a category, but whenever I go back to the main page, the categories don't show.

I did everything correctly, and I added forums to the categories.

However, the categories aren't showing, and the forums are all together.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Sorry if this question has already been asked.

The link to my forum.

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Categories not showing -- help Empty Re: Categories not showing -- help

Post by Luky March 14th 2008, 5:06 pm

You first need to go to admin panel=>general=>Configuration=>Configuration and look for this option "Forum on holiday" and choose No. If you can;t see the categories go to admin panel=>general=>Homepage=>Hierarchy and from the "Split categories on index " choose the option which you like most.

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