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Onyx Legion Online: Indie MMORPG

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Onyx Legion Online: Indie MMORPG Empty Onyx Legion Online: Indie MMORPG

Post by ian2000 April 20th 2015, 4:36 am

Onyx Legion Online: Indie MMORPG Bi5x5v
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Forum Description: The forums for my MMORPG Onyx Legion Online. 

What is Onyx Legion Online?: Onyx Legion Online is a full-fledged transcendence of both classic and modern MMORPGs. The game puts players in a cross-generation gaming environment with its simple yet visually appealing pixel graphics, its classic and familiar gameplay as well as quests, and finally it's unique real-time combat/class system. So come and enjoy the spirit of generation's past with a twist of endless modern day additions that will entice you for hours!

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Come check out our forums and join the adventure!

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