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The Wizarding World of Good, Evil and Power

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The Wizarding World of Good, Evil and Power Empty The Wizarding World of Good, Evil and Power

Post by kiaralight June 17th 2015, 6:19 am

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Choice of Title:The Wizarding World of Good, Evil and Power
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Forum Description:      This is a Alternate Universe to that of Canon where one thing is changed from the original and you will soon find that is changes everything. We begin in the year 1981, in the height if the first Wizarding War and Harry Potter and all his friends are all still babies, and The Prophecy that named Harry as the one to Defeat Voldemort is never made. Voldemort doesn't go after them that night on Halloween and the Potters still live, Harry isn't known as the Boy-who-lived. Sirius isn't framed as their Spy and remains a free man for now at least. A war still rages, anything could happen, people could still die at any time. How will the Potters raise their son in the middle of a War? Will they Survive this time round? Peter Pettigrew is still a spy for Voldemort, will he be discovered as the rat he is?
The Possibilities are endless..
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