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Stock ticker error in homepage message Empty Stock ticker error in homepage message

Post by Richardr on June 21st 2015, 4:28 am

We are getting an error with our java stock tickers, which are in the "Homepage message" (content section). There is white space where the tickers should be. Everything is white-listed under the java security settings.

The error is an "Application Error"...



(divide by zero)

We haven't altered the ticker code, which I copy below:

<applet id="Ticker2" style="width: 800px; height: 48px;" code="Ticker.class" archive="Ticker.jar" codebase=""> <param id="panels" value="3" /> <param id="1:symbols" value="'Indices,$NASX:Nasdaq,$NYS:NYSE,$IUX:Russell,$VLA:Value Line,$SPX:S&P500,$DOWI:Dow Jones" /> <param id="1:scroll" value="-1,  30" /> <param id="1:bgcolor" value="#000000" /> <param id="1:fgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" /> <param id="1:pscolor" value="#00CC00" /> <param id="1:ngcolor" value="#FF3333" /> <param id="1:hilight" value="#ccFFFF" /> <param id="1:font" value="Arial, Normal, 10" /> <param id="2:symbols" value="'Stocks,MSFT:Microsoft,IBM,QQQQ,SIEB:Siebert,TSA:Sports Authority,EBAY,YHOO:Yahoo!" /> <param id="2:scroll" value="-1,  30" /> <param id="2:bgcolor" value="#000000" /> <param id="2:fgcolor" value="#ffffff" /> <param id="2:pscolor" value="#00cc00" /> <param id="2:ngcolor" value="#ff3333" /> <param id="2:hilight" value="#ccffFF" /> <param id="2:font" value="Arial, Normal, 10" /> <param id="3:symbols" value="'Commodities,ZWY00:Wheat,ZCY00:Corn,ZSY00:Soybeans,ZOY00:Oats,ZRN14:Rough Rice,HEY00:Lean Hogs,LEY00:Live Cattle,KCY00:Coffee,SBY00:Sugar,CCY00:Cocoa,RSY00:Canola,ZKY00:Ethanol" /> <param id="3:scroll" value="-1,  30" /> <param id="3:bgcolor" value="#000000" /> <param id="3:fgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" /> <param id="3:pscolor" value="#00CC00" /> <param id="3:ngcolor" value="#FF3333" /> <param id="3:hilight" value="#CCFFFF" /> <param id="3:font" value="Arial, Normal, 10" /> </applet> <script language="javascript">
</script>         <script language="javascript1.2" src="">


Does anyone know how we might correct this?


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