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Why is your topic in the garbage ?

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Why is your topic in the garbage ? Empty Why is your topic in the garbage ?

Post by Ange Tuteur Sun 9 Aug 2015 - 12:17

Why is your topic in the garbage ?

This topic explains why your topic is in the garbage, plus ways to get it out if you think it shouldn't be here. Below are some common reasons for your topics being here.

1.Your topic was automatically sent to the garbage due to the pruning system. Topics in the support section without a reply for 14 days ( 7 days for Other Problems ) are automatically sent to the garbage.

Solution : If your topic shouldn't belong here, please send a PM to a Manager requesting them to move it back to the support section.
2.Your topic did not meet the requirements for the Review or Graphic sections.

Solution : Create a new topic that meets the requirements, or contact one of the team members via PM that oversees these sections for further assistance. [ Reviewers | Designers ]
3.You reached a solution for your support topic, however, you did not provide a solution. Only topics that have reached a solution are sent to the archives, topics without one are sent to the garbage as they're of no use to users searching the archives.
4.You've created multiple topics for the same issue. The duplicates are locked and later garbaged, you will then be directed to post in only one of the topics you created.
5.Your topic did not fit in the appropriate section or anywhere on the forum. The staff member who locked the topic should tell you why. However, if you disagree, it would be best to contact that staff member via PM.

If your topic does not fall into any of the points above, and you believe it should not be here, feel free to send a private message to one of the Managers for further assistance.

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