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Solved Change InputBox Color

Post by Guest on August 18th 2015, 3:04 pm

My chatbox contains a dark background, but the inputbox to type messages is white. This makes the text color choices very restricted, since a too bright of a color results in the message not being seen in the inputbox and a too dark of a color results in the message not being seen in the chatbox. This specific field can't be changed in ACP > Display > Colors. To solve this problem, I wanted to change the color of the inputbox using the CSS stylesheet because the rest of my forum is a dark color scheme (See image below).

I had this issue a few weeks ago and could not find a complete solution, because due to the selector being faded out while inspecting elements, the original reason I thought this wouldn't be changeable is that the field color is a default rule/property the browser itself applies, which means you would have to edit your specific browser CSS for a change to be seen, however the change would not carry to every user in this case.

I coincidentally stumbled upon the correct selector today and since I have still not found the solution on here, I decided to share it with you. ^^

To change the color of the chatbox inputbox, add this to your CSS stylesheet:
Code: {
    background-color: #000000}
The browser added it's default color because there was no color assigned to that field, that is why there is a browser-associated code for it, however you can just add the field manually and voila, you cover up the browser's default color. It seems so simple now, but at least it's been located. Thanks for the help you guys offered me during my problem. I hope this solves someone else's. ^^

P.S. I wasn't sure where else to post this, because it is more a solution than a support inquiry.


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Solved Re: Change InputBox Color

Post by APE on August 18th 2015, 7:15 pm

Thank you for telling us how you fixed this it will help lots

Thank you

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