Mobile Version Connection Probems

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Mobile Version Connection Probems

Post by SophieDophs on November 22nd 2015, 1:15 pm

Since Friday 20th November, I have been unable to connect to my forum via android mobile phone.

To clarify, I am unable to login using my phone. When I attempt to login, I am returned to the mobile version index page.

Also, the option switch to "classic version" no longer works and I am again returned to the mobile version index page.

I'd like to add that, up until Thursday evening, I have not had any problem accessing my forum via mobile.

Incidentally, this problem is not specific to my own forum... the same problem occurs when I try to access this forumotion help forum via android.

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Re: Mobile Version Connection Probems

Post by brandon_g on November 22nd 2015, 3:05 pm


Did you maybe update your phone at recently? It sounds like a problem with the phone itself. I use my andriod phone all the time on here and expereince no problems at all.

In the mobile version, if you don't see the drop down arrow to access classic version, you can still force your browser to take you to it. Depending on the browser your using, you should go into your browsers menu, find 'Desktop view', 'Force Desktop' , or 'Request desktop view', this should then make your browser display the classic version.


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