[QEEL] Simple QEEL with image map ~ BLACK

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[QEEL] Simple QEEL with image map ~ BLACK

Post by Kiyomizu on January 2nd 2016, 3:11 pm

Hello! Very Happy

I did a QEEL (Qui est en ligne in French) for you! I've the PSD, if you want change the groups, the "Qui est en ligne ?" just tell me! Very Happy

For put this image like a code in your forum, you have needed a image map. I give the code for this in the bottom!

Font: Arial
Blank Image
Creation File

Sorry for French.  Embarassed

For put this image, I give you my code :
<center><img src="http://zupimages.net/up/16/53/p6f2.png" id="onlineimg" usemap="#online" alt="image"/></center>
<map id="online" name="online"><area shape="rect" alt="Qui est en ligne ?" title="" coords="287,19,513,35" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g1-administrateurs" target="_self" /><area shape="rect" alt="Administrateurs" title="" coords="44,63,182,74" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g1-administrateurs" target="_self" /><area shape="rect" alt="Modérateurs" title="" coords="236,63,350,74" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g2-moderateurs" target="_self" /><area shape="rect" alt="Noteurs" title="" coords="406,63,476,74" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g7-noteurs" target="_self" /><area shape="rect" alt="Animateurs" title="" coords="529,63,625,74" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g5-animateurs" target="_self" /><area shape="rect" alt="Codeurs" title="" coords="682,63,753,74" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g11-codeurs" target="_self" /><area shape="rect" alt="Membre du mois" title="" coords="282,103,515,123" href="http://www.sweet-swirl.org/g6-membre-du-mois" target="_self" /></map>
<div class="online_1">{TOTAL_USERS_ONLINE}<br />

<br />

  {L_CONNECTED_MEMBERS}<br /></div>
<div class="online_2">{L_WHOSBIRTHDAY_TODAY}{L_WHOSBIRTHDAY_WEEK}</div>

If you have a question or a problem, please tell me here!  For you

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Re: [QEEL] Simple QEEL with image map ~ BLACK

Post by BlackScorpion on April 4th 2016, 3:35 am

Your proposal has been accepted.
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