Scum bag of the year, Dark Sparrow!

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Scum bag of the year, Dark Sparrow!

Post by SkyGuide on May 27th 2016, 6:02 pm

Technical Details

Forum version : #phpBB2
Position : Founder
Concerned browser(s) : Google Chrome
Who the problem concerns : Yourself
When the problem appeared : Trolls on this forum!
Forum link :

Description of problem

To avoid scum bags and low lives trying to get my account deactivated, because they having nothing better to do with lives, I will need to change my name and give the forum staff a new name in PM.

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Re: Scum bag of the year, Dark Sparrow!

Post by brandon_g on May 27th 2016, 6:35 pm


You can not create topics like this on a public on a public forum. We understand your upset because this user tried to hack your forum, but that does not mean that topics with such a title as yours can be made, you need to keep in mind we that we have users who are underage that view this support forum. Please change the topic of your title to remove the 'sb' word for your title and post.

Aside from that, is this a support topic? Do you need help recovering your forum's founder account? If so, please send a staff member this information via pm:

Forum url:
Foundation e-mail:
E-mail you wish to use as the new foundation email:

If you do not need help recovering your forum founder account, then please explain in detail what you need help with.


Remember to mark your topic when a solution is found.
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