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Not a Hacker

Post by Dark Sparrow on May 28th 2016, 7:20 pm

As some of you may have seen, @SkyGuide is talking a lot of trash about me and the forum I'm on. Even going to the extend to try and get your guys help to shut us down.
I would like to clear things up, and hope to avoid any possible conflicts in the future. Yes, I am very familiar with @SkyGuide and so are our members of our forum and vica versa. We used to be on the same forum together, but then SkyGuide decided to leave and create his own forum, which is fine.
@SkyGuide left myself, along with other members, to be in control of the forum from that point on, so he could pursue other endeavors. The forum I am currently on is doing great and thriving, the most active I have seen it in quite some time, which is great.
So my whole point to this is, all the members of my forum and myself included would appreciate it if @SkyGuide would peacefully leave us alone to do our business like we have done to him.
He accuses us of hacking his forum and many other ridiculous things, but in honest to god truth we haven't done any of those things.
Sorry for the rant type of message being posted here, but I was just checking up on things here and noticed a few posts that were displaying me and some of my friends in a negative light, and I didn't appreciate it.
@SkyGuide gave us the forum, and he would be lying if he told you otherwise, and we would appreciate if we could be left alone to run our forum without any outside help in getting us shutdown because of one persons malicious intents.
We have no reason to be shut down, nothing even close to a reason.
We appreciate greatly the tremendous help this helpforum has given us so far with images, and we look forward to utilizing the amazing talent here in the future.
Thank you for your time reading this, even if this is pretty sad of a post, considering this is a help forum for people who need help, not for people who have an unwarranted grudge against certain individuals.
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Re: Not a Hacker

Post by SLGray on May 28th 2016, 7:59 pm

We are not here to solve personal issues between members and/or forums.  We only get involve when forums are breaking the Terms of Service.  There is no need to start this type of topic.  You can send private messages to staff members.

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