Unathorized Activity Phishing Scam

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Unathorized Activity Phishing Scam

Post by Norton on October 14th 2016, 6:26 pm

Just a heads up to forum members. I recently purchased credits for the purpose of renewing my forum domain name. I received my credits and confirmation from Paypal that the transaction had been completed.
However, this morning I received an email supposedly from Paypal titled "Unauthorized Activity". There was no message or attachments, my mail provider may have blocked the attachment?
I contacted Paypal to inquire about the email from "client "clients@review.com. Paypal informed me that there was no attempts or recent activity on my account. They asked me to forward the phishing email to their security team as they take security seriously. They replied and thanked me for forwarding the email to them, it was in fact a phishing scam.
The return email from Paypal security said that they send never send out emails to customers asking for account info, passwords, security questions, banking info...

Just a heads up if any members are considering purchasing credits, there's a scam out there that must be linked to the vendors web site.


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Re: Unathorized Activity Phishing Scam

Post by Sir. Mayo on October 15th 2016, 5:10 am


How and Where did you buy the credits?

sir. Mayo
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Re: Unathorized Activity Phishing Scam

Post by APE on October 15th 2016, 4:45 pm

Hello This has nothing to do with the support or our systems you just got the same Email that lots of us have already got.

I got the same Email 6 times this last 2 weeks it has nothing to do with buying credits from us.

as this has nothing to do with the support team here i will lock this.



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