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Need Help~ Can no longer post

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Need Help~ Can no longer post Empty Need Help~ Can no longer post

Post by Iravix April 3rd 2008, 10:23 pm

Ok, I accidently clicked the "switch editor" icon
( Need Help~ Can no longer post Switch_wysiwyg )
And everything has gone down ever since.
I can't post, other members can't post. I fixed the editor and switched back to the normal (non-advanced) editor so now you can type messages.
But every-time I try to switch back to advanced editor, it goes back to how you can't format or type in anything.
Also, nobody can post because every-time you try to send the message you get...
"please enter a Username to post" or something like that. I was logged in as the Admin of the forum and I tried as guest and both wouldn't work.
Edit: Its been fixed however I did not do anything and I don't know how it was fixed.
Does anybody know what has happened and why?
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Need Help~ Can no longer post Empty Re: Need Help~ Can no longer post

Post by Bpoetic April 4th 2008, 3:04 am

Very odd and very scary! I was just messing around with switch editor yesterday - nothing happened like this though. Good luck, and I sure hope it doesn't happen again!


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