Helping another user

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Helping another user

Post by Nape4 on September 22nd 2017, 10:28 pm

Dear forumotion staff I been trying to help another user of another forumotion with a few problems they are haveing with there laptop.

First off this user I been trying to help out if from

the following is me an the user i am trying to help out

Thread name I believe the site is messing with my computer 
MichaelXD: For the past few days, I have been receiving popups by solely being on this site. This is a desktop computer and I'm the only one that uses it, and I keep receiving infected pc warning. This has been happening on the day since the power went out in only half of the house for a few seconds. Strange, isn't it?

Now that Killz is back, and it's just proper timing, may he come in and see this thread that I had made, regarding if there really is an issue with this forum amongst my computer.

Karnine < Aka my user ) : Popus are natural to forumotion only they can do something about it or the founder can disable the ads you get I know things about Admin Cp here since I run a forumotion  and helped a few out in my spare time.

Karnine again I am not a staff admin to this forum I but I understand the inside of a forum type like this . but i could submit to the forumotion support your bug there support will probably be helpful.

MichaelXD < user I am helping: Well I want to be staff too someday.

Karnine: Trust me it takes responsibility an allittle skill to be a staff I suggest you can try running your own forum to self learn how this type of forum works this is there main hub to Create sites like this. But the hard part it getting members an designing it the way you like it I could help with design themeing because of my experience of working with forums like this.
MichaelXD: I have friends who are staff here who like me. I like them too.

Then I see this same site by a user

Cycling Road < user wanting help
Thread name Brother can't sign in 

By the looks of it, it looks like this forum is trying to sell his account. His username was MichaelXD and when he went to sign on this morning, it would not let him sign in. It says it detected suspicious activity on this account with his email on this forum, I don't know exactly what it says. All I know was he was trying to pull up the thread for the discord chat he was on from another forum and all it sends him to is adfly where if he skips the ad, it brings up this forum again on a new tab. Please help him fix this problem.

I feel bad for not acting fast enough to potential issues, but he was last able to sign on last week. Please help.

And Finally a pm on my Lucario-Domain forumotion

pm Problems with signing in
Dear Karnine,< my user name on my Site
I cannot sign in anymore to vgchat. Every time I try to sign in, adfly comes up and I can't get into the forum with my name anymore. Is there anyway you can help me? The forum is redirecting me to someplace where it's asking for personal information and it won't let me sign in. Look at my brother's thread on there. You're the only one who's been on with us.

If any staff could pm me on support what I should do I would love to help them out to my ability as a volunteer.

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Re: Helping another user

Post by SLGray on September 22nd 2017, 11:48 pm

When your topic has been solved, ensure you mark the topic solved.
Never post your email in public.


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