Bad influence ads on my tablet

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Unspecified - Bad influence ads on my tablet Empty Bad influence ads on my tablet

Post by Guest on December 30th 2017, 8:40 pm

Technical Details

Forum version : #Unspecified
Position : Guest
Concerned browser(s) : Other / Tablet
Who the problem concerns : All members
When the problem appeared : All the time
Forum link : All forumotions

Description of problem

Ha bad forumotion your ads on my high end table causes virus break down harming it boom put you in the blunder bus now because this happens for servimg as well as any an all forumotions urls great job ads can do harm then good an this on my chrome browser to big foot stomp.

An this happens simply by visiting it to so double pummel wack including this forum support as well it happens so it's something that cannot be screenshot. I have a Android so proven fact failure even though ads are to support the free host use age. Wii U is similar but takes it like a boss better then a tablet as I am seeing it.

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Unspecified - Bad influence ads on my tablet Empty Re: Bad influence ads on my tablet

Post by brandon_g on December 31st 2017, 2:09 am

The message you see is likely a fake and your tablet likely really has no viruses. I have got similar message on a couple different atleast 20 times on this phone over the year and a half I have had it and it still works perfectly fine.

None the less, feel free to make report in this topic: , be sure to include as much of the requested info as possible.


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