Formotion formatting problem?

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Formotion formatting problem?

Post by jkh on March 7th 2018, 1:18 pm

Hello everyone

I've got a 21 page document that's been sent to me in a pdf format which I need to post on my forum and which has intricate formatting (bullet points, indentations, italics, bold, boxes around subtitles etc) but when I copy and paste the text the document looks terrible and all the line spacing goes to triple/quadruple line spacing and some of the text goes to html.

Can someone please tell me why I cannot simply copy and paste from a pdf to forumotion? This happens every time, and I either have to retype it all or go through it line by line to amend the formatting.

If I switch to editor mode then I lose all the formatting anyway.

But this new document is 21 pages long so it's going to take me forever to either reformat it or retype it. Then I've got exactly the same document to do again but this time in Portuguese so it will be impossible for me to retype that one anyway!

I've even tried pasting the text in to my blog but it still won't transfer back to forumotion correctly.

Any ideas?

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