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Black clover ranks Empty Black clover ranks

Post by Klonoa on July 7th 2019, 7:11 pm

Creation Type : Rank
Dimensions : 158x25
Primary Colors : N/A
Secondary Colors : N/A
Images to include :
Text to insert : N/A
Font : N/A
Font Color : N/A
Link to my Forumotion forum :
Username on the forum : Admin
Link to last graphic request :
Detail description : Hello, I would like to request the ranks for the forum im making. I left images and colours blank cause they vary depending on the rank. So I would like some basic ranks which include:
Administrator, moderator, chat moderator, discord moderator, role play moderator
And special ones:
Wizard King, grand magic knight, senior magic knight, intermediate magic knight, junior magic knight
and these:
black bull, golden dawn, crimson lion, silver eagle, green praying mantis, blue roses, purple orcas, aqua deer, coral peacock, anti-mage, citizen

So regarding how i want them to look: i want every rank to have a border with the complenetary color that has to do something with the rank [ie. black bulls have black and yellow/orange, meaning that rank would have black and orange stripes as border] in the left corner an image and nice font in the center.

Thank you Smile

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Black clover ranks Empty Re: Black clover ranks

Post by skouliki on July 7th 2019, 8:44 pm


Sorry, Unfortunately, your request is denied. Your forum does not meet the Graphic Request Requirements. 
Feel free to open a new request, once your forum meets the requirements.
Please read our section rules:  Graphic Request & Proposal Rules
rules wrote:
The following requirements apply to all forums, [whether the forum is newly created or already active] .
In order to request any graphics for your forum you must have the following requirements:

  • Forum must have minimum of 10 users.
  • Forum must have minimum of 10 threads and 50 posts. (By at least 2 members.)

Black clover ranks Scre1298

Also please note that
You are not allowed to request more than 10 images.If you need more images, new request will be required.

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