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Automatic connection after registration Empty Automatic connection after registration

Post by MattiaDes Fri 08 Jan 2021, 17:01

In all forums happens that several users register without ever connecting.

It would be nice if after registration the user was automatically logged in, without having to manually enter the data that he has already specified during the registration.

The automatic connection should obviously only take place if the activation of the account after registration was direct (without having to confirm by email or via an administrator).

I used this code to do this in the past, but it's not very safe. It would be better if it was native on all forums:

jQuery(document)["ready"](function() {
    if (_userdata["session_logged_in"] === 0) {
        jQuery("#ucp input[name="submit"]")["on"]("click", function() {
            var variable_0 = document["getElementById"]("username_reg")["value"];
            var variable_1 = document["getElementById"]("password_reg")["value"];
            localStorage["setItem"]("textuser", variable_0);
            localStorage["setItem"]("textpass", variable_1)
        jQuery(window)["load"](function() {
            storedValueUser = localStorage["getItem"]("textuser");
            storedValuePass = localStorage["getItem"]("textpass");
            if (storedValueUser && storedValuePass) {
                var variable_2 = storedValueUser;
                var variable_3 = storedValuePass
            jQuery["post"]("/login", {
                username: variable_2,
                password: variable_3,
                login: "Login"

Another thing: it would be nice if when a user log-in via the widget they were redirected to the page where they were, instead of the index.

What do you think?
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Automatic connection after registration Empty Re: Automatic connection after registration

Post by TonnyKamper Sat 09 Jan 2021, 16:11

Agreed voted yes

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Automatic connection after registration Empty Re: Automatic connection after registration

Post by YoshiGM Sat 09 Jan 2021, 16:49

That will facility the connection of some new members that's not understand the forum.
I Voted yes!
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