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Vyldermire RPG

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Vyldermire RPG Empty Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO February 16th 2021, 2:40 pm

Vyldermire RPG 0DbFcBi

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Vyldermire RPG MxN121u

Welcome to Vyldermire.

An alternate universe RPG located in the wondrous and magical realm of Vyldermire. Vyldermire is a high fantasy RPG with a semi-modern twist, it takes the wonders of story and the fun of levels/stats and combines them to make for a special RP experience. Come explore this incredible world, become a strong warrior, perhaps join a guild. The possibilities are endless!

Please note this RPG is still in its primary development phase, we hope to build a wonderful community full of creativity, fun, and roleplay.

Start a new life in our world and see where it takes you~

What is Vyldermire?

Vyldermire is a magical realm set in an alternate universe, it is a vast world filled with all sorts of mystical beings. This RPG has been designed with its own geography and extensive lore to provide a detailed roleplay for you to explore. The stories laid out are structured so that when you immerse yourself into the forum, your characters' experiences are not only unique to your own design but also contribute to the world around them. And we here at Vyldermire aspire to give you lots of elements to enjoy so that you can have a fun and full experience as you progress on your journey. From hunting monsters, completing quests, taming pets, and meeting other adventurers, to rising up the ranks of society and building your reputation, to the alternative of existing in the shadows as a Rogue, your story is what you make it.

What kind of character can I play?

Here in Vyldermire, you have the choice to roleplay as whatever sort of species you want and, to build on the world's design, we have sorted the various species into four key races. These four races are vital to the development of Vyldermirean history and how the story of this world develops. Make sure to read up about the races and decide which race best fits your character!

There are four key races here at Vyldermire;

  • Humans
  • Eldritch
  • Gaiyans
  • Anthros

There is also a unique type of special race that one can have as well as a key race known as an Otherworlder. If you have trouble choosing from a race and want to mix the species (i.e. half human, half eldritch etc), that is fine, just be sure to read up on Vyldermirean history so that it ties into the current lore of the forum as each race has a unique history with each other and it is worth learning about should you decide to integrate them.

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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO February 20th 2021, 10:01 pm


Vyldermire RPG KShx4oY

Humanity is perhaps the most heavily populated of all the races, despite the drastic effects of the Great Holy War that killed over a quarter of the human population. By terms of numbers, there are still many more humans than there are any other race, during this current time of the world's history. They are considered the more dominant of the species, thanks to their progressions in magic as well as technology.

Human Classification:

Vyldermire RPG IDKrdlF

The Eldritch did not come into this world as a creation of Vyldermire but rather was born from other creatures from the world that have 'fallen from grace'. Originally they came together as a collection of humans, demons, and sentient monsters with no place to belong. However, with time they have developed into their own powerful race, so powerful that for many a millennium they were able to dominate over the other species of the world. For a long time, there was great animosity between humans and the Eldritch. The Eldritch would prey and toy with humans and in turn, humans would hunt and kill their kind. However, under the current peace treaty of Eirinai they are obligated to live together in peace. However not all humans and Eldritch live by this law and conflict still exists in the world's shadows.

Eldritch Classification:

Vyldermire RPG LwxHkWh

Gaiyans, also known as The Ancients, were the original species to occupy the realm of Vyldermire. The oldest species to have occupied this earth, they have a long history of watching the world grow. Originally born from the earth itself, it is said that Gaiyans are made to protect the world and its ecosystem. As such they are a peaceful, yet incredibly powerful race. For what they lack in strength and speed, they make up with incredible magical power. Much more in tune with the realm and the magics it provides to them, they are a formidable species. Fortunately, their key aspirations are merely to watch over the earth and ensure that the balance is kept, and have a tendency to be such deep thinkers that they are slow to interfere.

Gaiyan Classification:

Vyldermire RPG 6OiGH1v

Anthros are a mysterious and elusive race, for a long time they were considered the lowest species in Vyldermire. their origins are unknown to all, some speculate that they are born from the interbreeding of Gaiyans and humans, others assume that like Gaiyans they were also born from the earth. Alas due to their tragic history, the truth behind their origin was lost.

Over three thousand years ago, the Anthros were captured and enslaved by humans, as their blood is toxic to the Eldritch. They were forced into guarding the humans, as well as made into servants. In retaliation to this, the Eldritch set about creating new ways to hunt and kill the Anthros. As such the history of their people was lost under the human rulership, erased from texts, and lost completely. It was only when the Gaiyans stepped in that the Anthros race was freed from human capture and placed under the protection of the Gaiyans, until such a time that they grew strong enough to protect themselves. Whilst this was so long ago that not many remember this time, there are still some who remember the cruelty.


Vyldermire RPG So9Z9l1

Otherworlders are travellers that are not from this world, they can come here from different planets, dimensions, or timelines and always arrive in the Hoptus Forest inside the broken loop of the Sylvian Ruins. Once you have been transported into this world, it is very difficult to leave. In addition to this, when Otherworlders first arrive their auras are out of sync with this world, and as such the world's inhabitants will be initially hostile but as time goes on this will ease. Otherworlders can be a dual-race type being both Otherworlder and human, Eldritch or Anthros. The only species that they cannot overlap with is Gaiyan as Gaiyans are specifically born in this world.


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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO February 24th 2021, 12:35 pm

Vyldermire RPG ImG6vua

The Origins
Vyldermire is a world that has existed for billions of years. While how it came to be is unknown, but what is known is that it is not dissimilar from the planet known as Earth, which resides in a completely different dimensional plane. Vyldermire is a unique world with a restorative ecosystem, made up of a magical network that ensures its balance. With every change and evolution, the planet continues to adapt, and with it, its plentiful wildlife. Thanks to the humans and Otherworlders, the realm has grown more advanced over time, and yet magic remains its most powerful asset and is highly relied on for most things. As such, those in this world find that magic is easily obtainable, and with the exception of the Magicless, it can be sourced from within this world itself or pulled from other realms entirely.

The Birth of Darkness
Whilst there are all sorts of races, species, and forms of wildlife that currently reside in Vyldermire, it wasn't always this way. Originally, there were no sentient creatures in this world, only animals, monsters, and beasts that roamed its land. For billions of years, it was a realm of peace, where its creatures lived out their natural cycle and the planet remained untampered with. Then the planet spontaneously birthed a new creature; Gaiyans. These magical beings were capable of sentient thinking and they took all sorts of forms previously unknown to the world of Vyldermire. The purpose of Gaiyans was to protect the realm from what was to come, and peace continued until, eventually, the Gaiyans found yet another new creature inhabiting their home; Humans.

When exactly Humans began inhabiting Vyldermire is unknown to the Gaiyans. One day they happened across the small tribe, who had already settled quite comfortably into living in the lands. Uncertain as to why they came to this world and simply assuming that a higher power permitted them entry, the Gaiyans sought to teach the humans about the world of Vyldermire. They taught them how to handle the resident monsters that tried to hunt them, as well as how to control the magics that this world had to offer. Whilst some humans were willing to learn, the Gaiyans quickly became aware of the vast difference between their kind and humanity. Humanity, unlike Gaiyans, had little regard for nature or the preservation of the world. They sought only to survive as best and as comfortably as they could, putting values in things the Gaiyans did not. Some Gaiyans became influenced by the humans and began to evolve into darker beings, who would later be known as Eldritch. Afraid that their kind would continue to influenced by humanity and continue to fall from grace, the Gaiyans left the humans to their own devices, and as such lived separately from the newest species of Vyldermire. It was safer to live distantly to the humans so that their emotions could no longer taint them. Possibly worse than the temptation of intense emotions, humans would also bring to Vyldermire something else; a troublesome darkness that would slowly infect the land and its creatures in the most terrible way-

They had brought Sin.

Over the Millenia
As time went on, the humans continued to spread across Vyldermire, settling across the different plains and making them their own. The Gaiyans would watch from a distance as humans would mould their world and make it their own. They did not interfere, however, sure that this was part of some greater plan. The Fallen Gaiyans were ostracized from their kind, forced to live separately from the Gaiyan tribes. Meanwhile, as humans explored magic, some of them discovered the tantalizing pleasure of the power it brought and. with it, sought more. Through experimentation and practice, they would discover the means to do harness more, but in doing so they committed unspeakable acts of darkness and gave up their humanity. These humans would also be cast out from their kind and as such would join up with the Fallen Gaiyans to form a new race known as the Eldritch.

Millenniums would pass by, all the while the Eldritch lurked in the shadows. They built up their powers, expanded their race, and grew stronger. Meanwhile, the humans continued to rule over the lands, blissfully ignoring what lay ahead of them. It was during this time of quiet that the Anthros were discovered. Their birth was, again, unable to be pinpointed, but with each race came a different reaction to this new arrival. The Gaiyans welcomed the Anthros race, discovering that they were more like themselves in nature and were less likely to influence their kind with darkness. Humans and Eldritch, however, were not so accepting of this race. The Eldritch would treat the Anthros very much as they treated humans; as prey. Meanwhile, humans would declare that the Anthros, who looked very much like humans albeit with animalistic features, as a lower species. The humans went about capturing the Anthros and enslaved them for thousands of years. It was only when the Gaiyans stepped in and forced the humans to free them that the Anthros race was freed from human oppression. They were placed under the protection of the Gaiyans until they grew strong enough to protect themselves.

The Great Holy War

As the Eldritch continued to grow, so would their impact on humanity. Whether it was food, fun, or vengeance against the humans' treatment of their kind, the Eldritch would hunt the humans. This created terror amongst the humans that they would not let it stand. Over a millennium, humans would fight back for their survival, developing their means of killing the Eldritch through magic, technology, and any means they could. The humans would unite under the leadership of the Church of Fleuve'ir and their clergymen led the fight against demons and the Eldritch kind. The Eldritch, who rallied under the Order of the Eternal, would meet this retaliation with full force. And so a terrible war would span over several centuries, filled with terror, pain, and bloodshed. Finally, the Gaiyans came forward to intervene, deciding that they could no longer sit by whilst the humans and the Eldritches killed each other and brought untold pain to their world.

Eiranai, the council of Gaiyans that officially ended the war, would directly intervene during the Battle of Otenshire, a terrible battle that had killed thousands on each side. The Gaiyans used their spiritual power to bring all fighting to a halt. They cast a ritual that brought an abrupt end to the war by nullifying all magic until certain conditions were met. The Eiranai council made a declaration that magic would not be restored to the world unless the races agreed to permanently end the war. The rulers of each race had no choice but to come together to deliberate, and after several months of discussion and negotiation, a treaty was signed. Desperate not to lose magic, the humans and Eldritches agreed to end the war and thus divided the realm of Mirinah between themselves. And so began the Era of Restoration, and since then, two hundred and fifty years have passed.

The Current State of Vyldermire

At present, Vyldermire resides in a time of peace. The treaty has continued to be upheld for the most part. However, there are still some who plan and fight in the shadows, away from Gaiyan eyes. Still, the majority of each race's populations have moved into a much more progressive way of life, learning to accept and accommodate one another. That can at least be said for the Mirinah region, but who knows...

Vyldermire is a vast world after all...

Click here to read about the Three Realms & Mirinah Rulership.

Vyldermire Technology

Technology in the Mirinah Region of Vyldermire is a bit complicated. Due to widespread distrust of Otherworlders and any knowledge they bring, most Mireans reject high-tech items. The mainland of the Mirinah Region isn't set up for the complexities of Rivengate. While there's electricity and running water, you won't find internet or cell phone service anywhere on the main island except Sinhaven, and even there it is spotty when able to be accessed at all. Most technology and people who rely on it are confined to Rivengate, but are able to vacation in the Avalon Islands with some caveats. Slow internet connections and cell service can be found in the internet cafes dotted around the tropical island in the Free Lands, but it isn't available in the streets or hotel rooms.

It isn't only the internet and smartphones that the general Mirean populace rejects, but they also aren't fond of industrialization or mechanical vehicles. On the main island, you won't be finding any scooters or cars. Though they are aware of their existence, the air pollution situation in Rivengate has led to the mass rejection of such things on the main Mirinah Island. There are no fuel stations outside of Rivengate and the Avalon Islands, so should someone bring a vehicle over, they'll have to purchase not only overpriced fuel before the trip but also mass quantity to last the intended journey.

It is far more practical to leave vehicles and communications devices at home and make use of the traditional transportation method of carriages and horses and sending messages either by courier or messenger birds. For the majority of Mireans, the slower, cleaner way of life is preferable and safer.

Vyldermire's Seasons and Year
Vyldermire years, unlike other worlds, are significally longer than others. From Otherworlder intelligence they did not adopt the calender system of months. However instead a year is broken into the four season; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is equal to six months, and reflect that of an entire year in the Vyldermire Realm.

Vyldermire has existed for many milleniums, and another aspect they adopted from Otherworld influence was the decision to record their events by giving their years a numerical catalog. Since the start of this Vyldermire's date is broken down into two parts, it's Millennia since the count began and it's current  year. During the first 1000 years since the count, Vyldermire was in what was known as First Millennia.

As present 1162 years have passed since the count began, as such the date is described as follows:

Second Millennia, Year 162

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Post by DezzieXO February 26th 2021, 1:18 pm

Vyldermire RPG Dq2mJJq
There are four main races that belong to Vyldermire; Humans, Eldritch , Gaiyans and Anthros. And whilst these are the dominant races, they are not made up of one unique species, but variations of sub-species that fall into their category.

To read more about the overall races you can find information here and the history/origin of each race can be found here.


Humans are the only races that can be broken done into two sub-species. Biologically humans are all the same, with one vital difference; some are able to tap into the worlds magic and some cannot.



As a race, humanity is broken down into a normal societal class system such as Higher Class Society, Middle-Class Society and Lower/ Working Class society.


The Eldritch are a race that is made up of supernatural beings, some wore born as Eldritch, others are evolved from other species such as human/Gaiyan. Eldritch are known for being ruthless, dark creatures, but they are not necessarily cruel. Some choose to be cruel because with such power they have little consequence to face, whilst others choose to follow a lighter path. Many of the Eldritch kind are raised to for the belief of the Order of the Eternal, which teaches the values of equal exchange and the blessing of the void. Eldritch as a race tends to follow a specific hierarchy based on their species, familia and power. This hierarchy can be broken into Classes.

The Infernal - The Highest Class of Eldritch
These are the rulers amongst the Eldritch and creatures that humans are most terrified of because unlike the others they are especially difficult to kill. They are also hard to predict, some are ruthless and deadly, others less so.

The Superior - Middle Class of Eldritch
The Superior are Eldritch who are still incredibly strong, capable of killing hundreds of inferior beings with a single attack, they are to be faced with extreme caution.

The Inferior - Lowest Class of Eldritch
The Inferior are an Eldritch class that either follows Superiors or the Infernals or roam freely during which they are known for created chaos. Inferiors have little control over their impulses and often have to be subdued by stronger beings.

The Demonata:





The Gaiyans are the oldest race of Vyldermire. They were born of the planet's flesh and remain very connected to it. They're sensitive to every change in the earth and draw power directly from the leylines beneath the surface for strength and renewal. Most sub-species of Gaiyans are long-lived and avoid conflict with the other races if possible. When they need to cut a plant or kill an animal, nearly every Gaiyan will say a prayer of thanks as well as one for the earth to accept them and rebirth them anew. Every action, whether against nature or against another person, is extensively considered before it's taken. While they are a thoughtful and pleasant people, they are fairly strict about letting emotions get the better of them. It's a discipline they hold in high regard, especially since they've seen so many influenced too much by either Eldritch or humans to the point that they become Eldritch. The discovery that they are so susceptible to the sins of the other races frightens them, so most avoid it where they can. The more daring of the Gaiyans venture out to mix with the other races, but they must remain vigilant not to slip into their messes.

As far as classes go, Gaiyans are big proponents of equality amongst themselves. Other than those chosen to help guide Vyldermire post treaty, each of the sub-species operates without the division of class systems. An Ambassador from each of the sub-races makes up a council that "rule" that Gaiyans, but they are not treated any differently than the average citizen. The only exception is the Elves, but even though they have a Queen to help mitigate occasional issues and make decisions for the best interests of their large population, she's not elevated above the other people or treated remotely in the same way as humans treat their Royal Family.




Creatures of Olde:



As the youngest of the races and often the most oppressed by humans and Eldritch alike, Anthros are said to have been born of the earth combining half of the planet's nature magic with the form of a man in an attempt to bridge the gap between human and Gaiyan. What was produced was a hybrid of sorts. These people look mostly human, except for the ears, tails, and sometimes claws and eyes of their more animalistic counterparts. Make no mistake, this sub-species is in no way half-animal or human-animal mixed. They are their own entity and hate the assumption that they exist as the unnatural combination of common animal and man. They can't transform into an animal form unless they develop the magic to do so.

Due to being enslaved in the past, Anthros are against any class system that might oppose its people and operate in equality as Gaiyans do. The only difference recognized amongst them is that some of the more headstrong Anthros have been blessed by a supernatural being specific to each sub-species. These blessed Anthros are labeled "Mythics", and are the only ones that can transform into the special mythical creature they've been blessed by as they choose. Most also choose to use their magic to make the most out of this Mythic change.








So you like our list of sub-species but you can't bring yourself to choose one, or you have an idea for a cool mix of two sub-species. Well that's okay because you can do so - within reason!



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Post by DezzieXO March 4th 2021, 12:16 pm

Vyldermire RPG 02eoKMq
Factions, also known as guilds, are an association of people who come together with a mutual goal. Not only do Factions provide housing and benefits for it's members, but members of factions also have access to special quests fitted with unique rewards.

At present there are three existing factions, this number is locked until the site gains a greater member base. Once factions each have 10 members and there are at least 15 factionless players, then a new one can be created. When starting on the forum, you can only have one character per faction, once you have filled all the currently existing factions. You may then insert a second character into a faction that you have an alternate character in. The most characters you can have in a single faction is two.

The Current Factions

Vyldermire RPG 4WZrAnU
Golden Titans
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1f
Golden Titans is a faction that was originally created during the Holy War, an assortment of humans and Eldritch who did not believe in the war and wanted to protect both species from one another. At the time, they were considered a terrorist organisation, but after the Treaty of Eiranai was established, they become renowned as War Heros, and as such was granted the task of protecting the peace between races. These days, the Golden Titans are very much a militarised factions of that accept all races, they strive toward protecting the citizens of Vyldermire, eliminating any dangers to society such as monsters or villains, and ensuring that the peace in the Miranah region is maintained at all costs.

Vyldermire RPG Velvet-Reign2
Velvet Reign
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1f
Velvet Reign, a faction established on Avalon Islands, is a commerce guild that focuses solely on the accumulation of wealth. Velvet Reign is a faction where vyldergold is king. As a merchant faction, the sole focus is to make both the members and the faction itself as much vyldergold as possible so that life can be lived in luxury. Many of the quests that come through are related to treasure hunting and monster hunting for clients, though the members are expected to create opportunities to do both of those for themselves in their "off-time", as well. Members are expected to act professionally and maintain the expected appearance of a wealthy person in front of clients, though what they do on their personal time is up to them.

Vyldermire RPG Rebel-Scorpius3
Rebel Scorpius
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1f
Rebel Scorpius is a faction focused solely on Eldritch supremacy, who believe that becoming an Eldritch is the true fate of all Mireans. They not only strive to gain power for Eldritch kind, but many of their members work towards the steady conversion of all species. Getting humans, Gaiyans and Anthros to forsake their races and convert into that of an Eldritch. Not to mention killing anyone who stands in their way.

What are Factions Star Ranks?

Star Ranks are measured by the factions member count, and activity, this represents the league that the guilds fall into; with 1 Stars at the bottom and 5  Stars at the top. All factions start off with one star guild rank, and will gain a star as they progress. The maximum number of stars a guild can get, at present, is five. The higher the guilds star count, the more famous and prestigious the faction is in respective to the world of Vyldermire. For example, a five star would be known internationally, whereas a 1 star wouldn't be very well known outside of it's base of origins. Guilds that fall below the requirements for activity will lose a star each time, once a guilds start rating reaches zero, they will be disbanded. The only exception to this is the Original guilds: GT, VR & RS. Who instead of disbanding will be handed down to more suitable Faction Leaders.

Requirements for Star Ranking
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1f : 5 Active Members
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1f : 5 Active Members + X Rep Points
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1f : 10 Active Members + X Rep Points
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1f : 15 Active Member + X Rep Points
Vyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1fVyldermire RPG NQilC1f : 25 Active Members + X Rep Points

How does a Guild gain Reputation Points?
Once each guild has at least 5 members, a scoreboard will run each months tallying the Quests taken by it's members and rewarding the faction with Reputation Points and Vyldergold. The best way to gain Rep for your guild is to complete and submit quests each month, thus increasing your guilds reputation and aided toward the increase of the league.


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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO March 6th 2021, 2:16 pm

Vyldermire RPG IbmmNcL

Below you will find the  portal to the map of Vyldermire.

Please note the only open Region of Vyldermir is the Mirinah Region, as the sites story progresses, new regions will open up in the future~ Until then please use the current map for your characters story, history and adventure~

Vyldermire RPG Rwfy0cv.png
Click on the compass to see the Map!

The Three Realms

The Three Realms is the division of rulership that the Mirinah Region falls under. These three realms are known as; The Common Realm, The Outer Realm, & the Free Lands. This division of realms was created as a result of the peace treaty of Eirinai.

The Common Realm
During the Great Holy war, humanity fought back against the Eldritch and successfully managed to reclaim a vast amount of the Mirinah region. Once the war reached its end, during the negotiations between the races the Anthros and Humans agreed to rule over this land together under the autocracy of the King of Commons. The royal family under which the common realm is ruled. Despite it's monarchy, the monarch exists more as a figurehead of rulership, and it is the aristocrats of nobility are the one delegated handle the regions affairs. However in terms of power, it is decreed that all nobility answers to the Guardian Knights of the Realm - the acting protectors of Vyldermire.  

The Outer Realm
During the negotiation, the Eldritch fought hard to keep the land from which they inheritantly ruled over, particularly the Demon Lords. As such they were permitted ownership of the Outer Realm. Some Eldritch were displeased by this result and as such more to further regions to conquer. As such, they settled on a septarchy that rule over the Eldritch, known as the Monarchy of Sin. Only two monarchs currently rule into the Mirinah region at present, the remaining five having moved on to various other regions. (At present, Mirinah is the only unlocked region however new regions will be unlocked at time goes on).  The Outer Realm in the Mirinah region is currently ruled under the KING/QUEEN of Gluttony who rules on Tir Nan Dubhar and the KING/QUEEN of Sloth who rules in the Deathrock Wharf.

The Free Lands
During the war, the Gaiyans initially sought to stay out of the war and protect any who wished for the same. As such they designated certain areas as 'Neutral zones'. During this time, many of the Anthros took refuge in this areas, particularly fleeing to Rivengate and the Avalon Islands as a means to stay out of the battle. After the war was over, the majority of the Anthros would return to their homeland, taking up their residence in the North and East region of the Common Realm. During the treaty negotiations, the Gaiyans lawfully decreed that these areas of neutrality always remain so, and are free from the rulership of monarchy. Instead they exist under a demoncracy  with regional councils of peers that handle the affairs of these regions.

Other Information about the Mirinah Region
Primary Language : Mirian (Real world Equivalent - American English)
Currency : Vyldergold
Main Export : Vegetables / Farmed Goods

Click here to read about the Great Holy War.


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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO April 1st 2021, 2:14 pm

Vyldermire RPG 0TyHUgc

Here you can find a glossary of all the key links of the forum and what information you can find here;

Welcome Page
A basic summary of the forum and a break down of the races.
Site Rules
The site rules and code of the conduct.
Newbie Guide
A guide designed to help newer members of the forum.
Meet our Staff!
An introduction to the site's staff team.
Site Patches
A catalog of patches made to the site since it's official opening.

Vyldermirean Lore
The History of Vyldermire
An informative explanation of the world's history.
The Monster Encyclopedia
An information catalog of the world's monsters.
Map of Vyldermire
A map of Vyldermire and a break down on the spread of it's population.
Information on the site's current Factions.
Religion in Vyldermire
An information page on the Religions that residents of Vyldermire's keep.
Vyldermire Lexicon
A dictionary explaining various Vyldermire Terminology.
Sub-Species Information
An information page where members can read up about the sub-species from each race.

Magic / Gaming Systems
Gaming Systems
An explanation and breakdown on the current site systems.
Character Rank
A guide to Character ranks and their benefits.
Magic Rules
The information source for the site's magic rules and mechanics.
Elemental Mastery System
A guide to Elemental Magic and its benefits.
Quest & Magic Tables
The Numerical Reference tables for magic stats.
Equipment Rules
The information source for in game Equipment and it's mechanics.
PVP Rules
Player Vs Player combat rules for the forum.

Registration / Character Application
Character Application Template
Source of Character Application template.
Character App. Submissions Thread
Once its ready for approval you can submit your finished character app here.
Thread Moving
If you need to make edits to your character you can have it unlocked and moved to WIP here.
Face Claim List
Registration for claiming a Face Claim for you character and a catalog of currently used Face Claims.
Guardian Knights of the Realm
A list of the current slots for Guardian Knights.
Common Realm Positions
A list of the current slots for Common Realm Positions.
Outer Realm Positions
A list of the current slots for Outer Realm Postions.
Canon Claim
Need ideas for a character? You can see canon characters and families that need members here.
PVP Declaration
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Example Statsheet
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Magic App. Review Request
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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO April 13th 2021, 9:01 pm

Vyldermire RPG Rcj6AUm

Character Ranks are reflection of their strength as an individual, to increase a characters rank, EXP must be accumulated by doing Quests, Expeditions and Events. There are currently seventh ranks; Novice, Apprentice, Initiate, Adept, Master, Elite, and Legendary.

We all must start somewhere, and for everyone it begins here. All characters start off as novices, and the amount of power they can wield is limited. Novice can handle weak monsters but strong monsters/ opponents are a struggle to them.

Rank Benefit
⇨ 3x First Tier Spells
⇨ +1 Skill Point

Once some experienced in gained players grow from Novices to Apprentices. They are still not especially strong or well versed in experience, but they know a little more than a novice. They can take out weak monsters a little more easily and with aid can handle strong monsters.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ 3x Spell slots
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Second Tier Spells
⇨ +2 Skill Points

An Initiate is one who has had a fair share of experience, and has grown to a significant level of strength. Initiates can kill weak monsters with little effort and are even able to handle strong monsters on their own.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Third Tier Spells
⇨ +1 Spell Slot
⇨ +2 Skill Points
⇨ Upgraded Spells can have up to one effect.

The Adept are those who have true claim to strength, capable of dealing immense damage and facing off against even Elite Monsters, albeit with some help.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Fourth Tier Spells
⇨ +1 Spell Slot
⇨ +3 Skill Points
⇨ Upgraded Spells can have up to one effect.

As reflective of its name, a Master is very strong and capable of great feats of strength. They can fend of several Elite monsters at a time.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ All Spells Upgraded to Fifth Tier Spells
⇨ +2 Spell Slots
⇨ +4 Skill Points
⇨ Upgraded Spells can have up to two effects.

Elite Adventurers and Rogues are so strong that they can handle them most difficult of missions without aid. Able to take down Elite monsters, and have the means to face Legendary beasts.

Rank Up Benefit
⇨ 5 Spells May Upgraded to Elite Tier Spells
⇨ +2 Spell Slot
⇨ +4 Skill Points
⇨ Spells above Fifth Tier can have up to two effects.

Those who has reached Legendary status are unstoppable beings, the strongest in all of the realm, capable of taking out Legendary Beasts and so much more.

Rank Up Benefits
⇨ 3 Spells May be Upgraded to Legendary Tier Spells
⇨ +3 Spell Slots
⇨ +4 Skills Points
⇨ Legendary Tier Spells can now have up to three effects.


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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO May 11th 2021, 2:24 pm

Vyldermire RPG I4TfFgg
Here you will find a the catalog of changes made to the forum after it's initial opening! Any changes and newly implemented features will be added here by the Site admins as it progress. If you want to see how the forum has progressed since its opening, this is the ideal place to see this. This is also a key area to review if you have been away from the forum for some time and are a returning member. Reviewing the changes made since your previous time of the forum will help you reacquaint yourself with the forum and any new systems you need to be aware of.

15th of February 2021:

22nd of February 2021:

26th of February 2021:

11th of April 2021:

16th of April 2021:

7th of Mayl 2021:

15th Aug 2021:

10th Nov 2021:

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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO June 16th 2021, 7:47 pm

Vyldermire RPG OiBgT9J

Welcome Adventurers & Rogues!

If you are here you have made it in time for Vyldermire RPG's very first SPECIAL EVENT!

By choosing to participate in the exciting event, you will have the opportunity to take part in some exciting lore affecting special quests that will affect the site's progression and become a part of its history.

If you haven't already taken a look at The Chronicler, here you will see our little teaser that hinted toward the event a while back.

Newspaper Clipping~:


Event Details

News has released that the discussions regarding placing a Church of Fleuve'ir in the Eldritch region of Newdale have finally come to a head and construction is scheduled to begin this week! However, there are many who are still against the idea, and the news has spurred a series of debate and conflict. As such there are protests groups that have begun to gather at the construction site, some for the build of the church and some against.

When partaking in this event you will need to do work that either supports the 'FOR' the build of the church or is 'AGAINST' the build of a Fleuve'ir church in Newdale.

Special Event Quests
Below is a series of special prompts that players can use for their participation in the events. You can either do this SOLO or in a GROUP up to 6 characters. You can spawn your own enemies and add details to them as you please, (please do not use any NPCs of high-lore calibre i.e. royalty, nobility, members of specific factions etc). Once you have completed your event quests and fulfilled the word count requirements you will be required to include a summary of the events of your thread so that we can determine the result of this event and how it will event our world's lore.

✧ 1-6 Players Per Thread
✧ 2,000 Words Per Person
Combined WC's do not need to be met by each individual but rather the group as a whole. So if one player is unable to meet the requirements of the event wc before the event's deadline, the other participants can compensate the remaining WC so as to not lose the work put into the event.

Event Prompts
This is a list of prompts for characters who would be in favour of the build of the Church in Newdale, or at least willing to work for those who are in favour of it.
✧ Protesting for the build. Can be peaceful or perhaps get a little violent. (Suitable Locations: Newdale, Engloria, Otenshire)
✧ Protect the shipments of building materials coming to Newdale. (Suitable Locations: Newdale, Mackemm Village, Hoptus Forest, Lyndon Port )
✧ Gather materials for the Church's construction. (Suitable Location: Newdale, Hoptus Forest, Mackemm Village)
✧ Provide food and refreshments for the workers and protestors. (Suitable Locations: Newdale, Engloria, Otenshire)

This is a list of prompts for characters who would be against the build of the Church in Newdale, or at least willing to work for those who are against it.
✧ Protesting against the build. Can be peaceful or perhaps get a little violent. (Suitable Locations: Newdale, Engloria, Otenshire)
✧ Sabotage the shipments of building materials coming to Newdale. (Suitable Locations: Newdale, Mackemm Village, Hoptus Forest, Lyndon Port. )
✧ Go around and collect signatures in order to submit a complaint to the Eldritch authorities i.e. The Monarchs of Sin. (Suitable Locations: Anywhere on the mainland of Mirinah)
✧ Gather ingredients to prepare a witch's curse to cast upon the church should it be made. (Must include a Witch PC or NPC) (Suitable Locations: Anywhere on the mainland of Mirinah)

How to sign up/turn in special/event quests
To sign up and turn in event quests, just use the normal quest sign up and quest turn in threads. When signing up or turning in please be sure to use the templates labelled 'Special Quest' include the Event name 'HOLY NEWDALE'.

✧ 500 EXP Per Person
✧ 350 REP Per Person
✧ 7,500 VylderGold Per Person
Please note that ALL boosts, bonuses, SP, or Alignment benefits do no apply. You will ONLY receive the rewards above.

We thank you in advance for participating in this event, this is really important to us because it's our first attempt at an event here on Vyldermire. As such this is sort of a test run for bigger and heavier events that we have planned for the future, things may change throughout the duration of the event should things not function effectively. That being said, we look forward to seeing the stories you create and we hope you have fun!


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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by DezzieXO November 10th 2021, 11:45 pm

Vyldermire RPG R97Q9vG
Vyldermire RPG Special Summer Event

Vyldermire is a mystical and curious place, where fantastic beasts roam the land and there are a number of wonders that go unexplained throughout its magical landscape. One particular phenomenon occurs on a single day in summer, when the moon is at its most powerful and it can be felt by all throughout the land.

The tides pull way back into the ocean, exposing the shore for miles on end. As such for many hundreds of years, it has become tradition to perform a ceremony to summon the waves back to the land. This summer event is known under several names; the annual lunar catastrophe, day of the tide thief, the great lunar tragedy, but most commonly it is referred to as the Moondance.

Only so much is known about this majestic night, but what the races of Vyldermire do know is that it is linked to the moon and the world's leylines. One common incident is the sighting of a double moon, which happens most frequently during the Moondance festival, however, it is a rare occurrence but one to look out for. (Note: Please do not include a double moon sighting in your thread, staff will announce if a double moon has appeared during this event as it proceeds to depend on threads involving Jen's characters.) For believers in the Moon Goddess, it is also considered her day of worship, a night where many will offer thanks to Selene, asking for her to shine her blessed light upon them.


✧ 1-6 Players Per Thread
✧ 3,500 Words Per Person
Combined WC's do not need to be met by each individual but rather the group as a whole. So if one player is unable to meet the requirements of the event wc before the event's deadline, the other participants can compensate the remaining WC so as to not lose the work put into the event.

Special Event Quests
Below is a series of special traditions that players can use for their participation in the events. You can either do this SOLO or in a GROUP up to 6 characters. When writing threads as always please do not use any NPCs of high-lore calibre i.e. royalty, nobility, members of specific factions etc. Once you have completed your event quests and fulfilled the word count requirements you will be required to include a summary of the events of your thread so that we can review this event and see how it might affect our world's lore.

The Moondance festival is generally celebrated in various ways; some races have more specific traditions that can be included in your threads. Please check under each section to see which traditions are available to your characters;


(These traditions can be done by all races)
Centuries ago, when humans first bore witness to the great lunar tragedy, they saw it as a day to be feared. Thinking they were being punished, they began to perform a ceremony in hopes that it would appease the gods and return to tide to them. As such it has become a tradition on this night to head to the shoreline and give thanks to the moon and the world around them. They would bear one's skin to the night and paint symbolic patterns on our bodies to show devotions. Creating great offerings to the sea, moon and land, before dancing all night long to entertain the angry deities and ease their wrath.

As time has gone on these traditions have mutated into what would eventually be a yearly celebration, a time that they would come to enjoy. Dressing in skin bearing cloth, (now most commonly known as swimwear), it has become more of a beach party / festival. With live music performed across the shoreline, body painting, and indulging in mounds of regional gourmet seafood delights. Some even light lanterns as offerings to the moon, setting them ablaze and releasing them into the sky. It is now a night of jubilation, and a custom enjoyed by all races.

Members of the Eldritch race do not generally give thanks to the moon or partake in the spiritual aspect of the festivities. For the most part, they will tag along and enjoy the party elements of the festival.

Avalon Island
The beautiful ring of bright white sands around the islands have expanded for miles. DJs pumping out catchy tunes from giant speakers dot the beach and it's common for colorful lights and lanterns to be strung everywhere, turning the sands rainbow and ethereal. Expensive food and booze can be found everywhere, though it certainly isn't free. It can also get quite crowded due to the tourist population, but giant beach parties should be packed with people to mix with anyway! It's a night that only the reserved will remember.
Lyndon Port
Since the oceans have receded, most of the boats are gone except for the ones left for the parties. Three giant du Villanel ships constructed of rich woods and shiny metals remain beached at the docks, hosting live bands and plenty of space for dancing and celebrating. The docks themselves are lined with countless vendor stalls, selling everything you can think of for slightly discounted prices, including but not limited to gourmet foods, snacks, alcohol, and Moondance memorabilia.
A festive parade with moon-themed floats made of countless flowers descend the widest path down the cliffside to the silvery exposed sands, inviting everyone in attendance to either watch or get involved. Their spin on the Moon Goddess envisions her as a lunar rabbit, so it is a chance for Lapins to shine in ritualistic dances clad in expensive fabrics like white satin and silk and a time to pray for good luck and good health. There are many large grill pits dug into the sands for exotic dishes, and many believe spending the time in the silver sands, whether eating or dancing, has healing properties.
Fitting with the theme of the gothic city that never sleeps, the black sands of Sinhaven glitter like obsidian in the light of giant bonfires of various colors, dotted with small black pools of trapped ocean water filled with fish normally hiding on the ocean bed. Those who don't fancy spilling their blood at the altars and venturing into the hidden dungeons can join hedonistic parties full of dancing and Eldritch delights like blood pudding and grilled fish caught in the pool-fishing contests.


(These traditions are specific to GAIYAN characters only.)
For Gaiyans, tonight is not actually about the Moondance, but is actually known as the Lunar Cleansing. As the phenomenon of the water pulling back from the shore allows the leylines to be replenished by the earth's waters. Gaiyans essentially take this as an opportunity to reconnect to the world they come from. They will meditate in Fleuve'ir's River Plane to renew their natural connections and celebrate fresh growth.

Gaiyans must go to the known leylines of Mirinah and lay themselves across the leyline, allowing their magic to flow into the earth and in turn the magic to flow back into them. As they enter their spiritual trance, the earth appears to come alive around them. In their minds they will be transported to a spiritual dimension. Able to travel in this astral plane and unite with other Gaiyans from all over the world. Meanwhile, around their bodies, the world will be fueled with life, trees will sprout from the ground, flowers will bloom in mass, and a sense of new life will form around them. As they wake from their deep meditative state, their bodies are usually partially covered by branches, flowers, earth, or sand from the process of reconnecting with the earth.

Hoptus Forest
Dionalor Plains

Consistent across all Gaiyan gathering spots, wooden poles are planted into the sands for miles, strung with colored ribbons and decorated with little hanging bowls of water with Moonflowers floating in them. Ribbons are likewise commonly tied between the wrists of nearby worshippers, a symbol of their spiritual tie. Gatherers on the warm beaches will see colorful blankets laid out all along the freshly exposed sands to sit on and meditate. The rapid recession of water gives way to healthy seaweed and special seashrooms only available on the day of the Lunar Cleansing. The seaweed is a festive delicacy when dried over magic flame and enhanced with the raw seashroom meat. The snack provides a calming effect to those having trouble meditating.

Fleuve'ir's River Plane - Gaiyans who go into the spiritual trance will have their minds teleported to a communal consciousness space, where attendees still look like their usual form and feel quite solid to the touch but not physically be there. The terrain is a heavenly expanse made of sunlight and puffy white clouds overhead, while the ground is predominantly a sparkling, crystal clear river about ankle deep filled with smooth rocks of all colors and sizes. In this plane, it is common to stay meditative and bask in the beauty of nature and Fleuve'ir's blessings, feeling magic renew all around and within, but it is also used as a time for joyous communion between members of the race.


(To partake in this tradition, one must either be a pure Eldritch or be accompanied by a pure Eldritch)
The pulling back of the waters opens up a lot of unreachable territories, deep into the coastline one can find pools of excess energy. These energy pools can be used to summon altars with the offering of a few drops of Eldritch blood. These altar's consist of entryways into Dungeons that will only be present during the Moondance festival. These dungeons can be raided for what is believed to be a powerful relic, however, to enter one is incredibly dangerous as there are monsters unknown in the depths of these underwater caverns.

Inside the dungeons
Once someone steps into the dungeon, they will find themselves in a giant cave, an underwater cavern with a strong aroma of saltwater and death. The only source of light in the cavern what appears to be glowing fungi that radiates it own light, emanating a soft blue-ish glow throughout the darkness. To find the treasure they seek, these scavengers will have to push through the murky caves, where horrible beasties lie in wait for them - hoping to make them their next meal.

Dungeon Monsters:
Vyldermire RPG KFcC8Ck

These hideous creatures are the first that you'll likely run into during your dungeon scavenging. They are extremely vicious and agile, roughly a metre tall and two metres long. They crawl towards you on their human-esque limbs, grabbing at you aggressively. Nightstrikers will hunt by ganging up on an individual target, attempting to kill their prey by pulling it apart before they can devour it. They can also bite down quite hard should they get the chance, their bites however are not poisonous and can be dislodged using a very specific technique. If they managed to chomp down on you, pulling back aggressively on one of its many fingers will quickly cause the beast to let go.

Nightstrikers attacks deal 75 DMG and they require 200 DMG to kill.
A minimum of three will spawn at a time.

Vyldermire RPG YMdIhPe

As you venture deeper into the dungeon, you will notice large puddles of water throughout its murky underwater caverns. Beware of these puddles, for within lies the Oscura, a terrifying beast with monstrous fangs, powerful tentacles and several mouths to chomp you with. Because of the Oscura's mutated form, it has several mouths where its eyes should be, as such it is blind and has incredibly good hearing. One can avoid its attacks by being extremely quiet but even the slightest movement will likely alert it to your presence, causing it to whip and grab at you with its tendrils, attempting to pull you in and eat you swiftly. Oscuras cannot move from the puddle they reside in, and their tendrils can reach up to a length of four metres.

Oscura's attacks deal 175 DMG and they require 250 DMG to kill.
Only one Oscura will spawn at a time.

Vyldermire RPG WISVE0S

As you reach the end of the dungeon, there is no clear treasure - only a mass of water with a shining light within its depths. to get the treasure you seek, the only choice is to swim into the waters where you will face the guardian of these particular underwater lairs. The Angilapede is a ginormous beast, equal to that of a Legendary creature, this beast cannot be killed by anyone under Elite rank. Your task isn't to fight the creature, but to outswim it. Because of its size, it is not an especially fast creature, but its attacks are deadly - if it hits you, you will die. Avoid its attacks, and swim true. The water is deep and the further down you go the harder it is to see, the Angilapede's light proving to be the only source of light in the murky darkness. As you reach the bottom of the dwelling, you will find abandoned ships and vessels with air pockets that you can swim into to catch your breath. But down linger as should the Angilapede catch up it will crush these vessels along with you in it. In one of these abandon wreckages, you will find the Dungeon's treasure and can escape the hellhole with a second offering of Eldritch blood. Should you do these, you will be thrust back out of the domain, in front of the altar you went into, which will crumble before you into a pile of rubble.

No stats.
Only one Angilapede will spawn at a time.

Avalon Islands
Altars here are spaced rather far apart, but glow a deep ocean blue. They almost look like little pools of water.
Viridia Overlook
Magical currents of wind have been summoned to safely transport visitors from the tops of the Viridia Overlook's cliffs down to the sands below. The energy pool altars here amongst the tan, rocky sands glow dark green and are easily seen.
Deathrock Wharf
Altars here bubble and glow black, starting out with a fair amount of spacing but packing in closer together the closer to the Obsidian Isles they get.
Adding to the already dangerous and edgy feel, these altars are evenly spaced and glow a moody sanguine, like the blood they crave.

How to sign up/turn in special/event quests
To sign up and turn in event quests, just use the normal quest sign up and quest turn in threads. When signing up or turning in please be sure to use the templates labelled 'Special Quest' include the Event name 'MOONDANCE FESTIVAL'.

✧ 800 EXP Per Person
✧ 550 REP Per Person
✧ 10,000 VylderGold Per Person



1x Third Tier Weapon / Armour - When submitting for approval this item MUST have been discovered in this dungeon and be related to one of the following themes; Ocean, Water, Moon or Darkness. This item can be upgraded in the shops to increase it's rank by paying the difference for the tier of item.

Please note that ALL boosts, bonuses, SP, or Alignment benefits do no apply. You will ONLY receive the rewards above.


28th of January 11:59pm EST.


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Vyldermire RPG Empty Re: Vyldermire RPG

Post by SLGray November 11th 2021, 12:40 am

Please use the default text color.

Vyldermire RPG Slgray10

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